Grandpa Logic


What is Jicchan?

On 2011/11/20, an infamous mic hack audio clip of a backstage conversation between Kudo Haruka and Takagi Sayuki from the Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~ musical was uploaded and linked to Ookami (Hello! Project message board) on 2ch. The following is a transcript of the conversation:

Sayuki< Why does that Karin wota show up every time?
Haruka< Like you know, Karin’s, those Karin fans
Haruka< a lot of them are like rich grandpas
Haruka< it’s like so many of them are wealthy grandpas
Sayuki< There are a lot of __
Haruka< Yeah she’s got a lot of grandpas
Haruka< But on the other hand, like for Sayuki and Haru
Haruka< it’s mostly high school students
Sayuki< Not really
Haruka< A lot of grandpas then?
Sayuki< There are grandpas
Sayuki< There’s one grandpa
Haruka< I got some too
Sayuki< That person is actually pretty wealthy you know
Haruka< Which person?
Sayuki< The one who wears a happi coat
Haruka< You’re kidding? Eh, he looks so homeless, for real

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lfArFhjXf4

Jicchan = Grandpa

Sources says that the person they were referring to was wearing a Sayuki Happi coat.

Since then, any male wota, regardless of if he is young or old, slim or fat, short or tall, handsome or ugly, as long as he is a lolicon, he is automatically labelled a Jicchan.

And with half of Hello! Project still underage, that makes us all Jicchan too.
GG everyone, GG.

So what is this site?

A Hello! Project translation and culture website focused mainly on looking from the Japanese fans prospective. I know there are already quite a few H!P English Matome (message board summary) translation website on the internet. So I hope to differentiate from the others by not only providing thread translations, but also by having guides, how-to’s, event reports, and more. However, in order to keep meanings authentic, some words and phrases will not be translated and instead written out in romaji. I will try to put the meanings in parentheses or link the word somewhere offsite if possible. Otherwise, do a quick Google search or put the word in Google translate should get you the meaning.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Appreciate the translations, they really do show me a good idea of what the perspective the Japanese fans have. Hope you’ll also check out my blog in your spare time.


  2. Hey, i stumbled upon your site through Hello! online. Many interesting reads and helpful guides.

    I have been travelling to Japan for 2 years for MM events but your guides still teaches me alot, there are many stuffs which i did not know. 🙂


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