We all have a list of things we want to accomplish before we leave this world; some call it their bucket list. Specifically, as overseas Hello! Project fans, our chances of doing idol fans things are so much less than fans living in Japan. Any idol related things we do may seem insignificant to others, but are often achievements in our own minds. These can be things as little as buying a photo of your favorite idol to meeting her in person. Looking back at the last few years of devoting most of my time and money to Hello! Project, I have complied a list of what I have done and what I have yet to accomplish. Some things I might never be able to do, while some I might do again.

Here’s my Hello!Project bucket list

Concerts and shows

☑ Attend a H!P overseas concert
☑ Attend the opening show of a Morning Musume concert tour
☑ Attend a Morning Musume graduation concert
☑ Attend an idol’s home coming concert
☐ Attend every show of a concert tour
☐ Attend a Hello! Project winter concert
☐ Attend a Hello! Project summer concert
☐ Attend a Hello! Project’s year end count down live
☐ Attend a Kenshuusei concert
☐ Attend a concert at Nakano Sun Plaza
☑ Attend a concert at Budokan
☐ Attend a concert at Yokohama Arena
☐ Attend a concert at Saitama Super Arena
☑ Attend a live house concert
☑ Attend a Naruchika concert
☑ Attend a release event at Ikebukuro Sunshine City
☑ Attend a release event at Odaiba Venus Fort
☐ Attend a release event at Toyota Mega Web
☐ Attend a live or recorded radio show broadcast
☐ Attend a live or recorded TV show broadcast
☑ Attend a Satoyama event
☐ Attend a Hina fest
☑ Attend a fan club tour
☑ Attend a Hawaii fan club tour
☑ Attend a fan club event at Tokyo FM hall
☐ Attend a fan club event at Pacific Heaven
☑ Attend a birthday event
☑ Attend a musical/play
☑ Attend a CD release lottery event
☑ Attend a movie event
☑ Attend a handshake event
☑ Attend a cheki event
☑ Attend a photobook release event
☑ Attend a Hello! Shop event
☑ Attend a Tower Record event
☑ Get front row at a concert/show overseas
☐ Get front row at a concert in Japan
☑ Get front row at a fan club event
☐ Get front row at a musical/play
☑ Get front row at a mall event
☑ Line up all day/over night for an event
☐ Win a prize during a concert raffle draw
☐ Catch an item thrown by an idol during a concert
☑ Direct interaction with an idol during a show/event
☐ Go on stage to play games during a fan club event

Meeting the idols

☑ Meet my oshimen in person
☑ Get a handshake with my oshimen
☑ Get an autograph from my oshimen
☑ Get a photo taken with my oshimen
☑ Give a present to my oshimen
☑ Have my oshimen remember me
☑ Make joke with an H!P idol
☑ Make direct request from an H!P idol
☑ Loop a handshake event
☑ Meet idols backstage
☑ Meet idols on the street
☐ Play Jankenpon with an idol during a handshake


☑ Visit a H!P shop
☑ Buy the member’s “Everything set” at a concert
☑ Buy merchandise directly from my oshimen
☑ Trade goods with other fans before a concert
☑ Deck myself out as a walking goods display before a show

With other fans

☑ Meet other fans in person
☑ Attend a fan party/after party
☑ Go to an event with other fans
☑ Go to Hello! Tribe to hang out with other fans
☑ Watch real time live streaming concert with other fans
☑ Sync watch concert/show with other fans

Other stuff

☑ Make custom uchiwa
☑ Make custom LED glow sticks
☑ Make custom wota T-shirt
☑ Custom build H!P theme Gundam model
☑ Have Tokkofuku made to represent my oshimen
☑ Cosplay for my oshimen
☑ Eat at a restaurant opened by ex-H!P member
☑ Go to places visited by H!P members
☑ Appear on an official DVD
☐ Appear on a TV show regarding H!P
☐ See a decorated concert tour truck

Phew, that’s a lot of stuff.

What’s your Bucket List?