Icchan, “I like Mazda Roadster (MX5 Miata) in black! I can’t get enough of the engine sound!”

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If she’s moved by the engine of a Roadster, she’d faint if she rides in my car

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The sound is that unique?

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I like the sound of rotaries in old RX7s

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I bet the one she heard was tuned by RE Amemiya

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She’s really into talking about it
It’s hard to butt in lol

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That’s cute
I think I like her

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I bet she reads Initial D

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It’s pretty rare to like engine sounds

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Icchan is getting cuter

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Ichioka-chan has the feel of a race queen from the 80s

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I had an Eunos Roadster in the past

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It’d be crazy if she said she likes the 86 lol

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From 2014 WINTER special issue of “Anikan R Yanyan!!”

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei’s relay column #10 Ichioka Reina (Handwritten)

Everyone! Hello☆
This is Ichioka Reina who likes Hello! Project, trains and cars(*^v^*)
Trains that I like are the JR Chuo line and the E5 Hayabusa Shinkansen
Recently I have my eyes on the E6 Komachi as well♪
As for cars, I like the Mazda Roadster convertible☆
I began to like trains and cars back in elementary school where I had a friend who really knows a lot about these things, this friend taught me so much about this subject (heart)
In order to have a better understanding, I want to become more fluent on this subject〓
I will joined H!P Kenshuusei for 2 years this December (heart)
From a very early age, I have been a fan of Morning Musume and Matsuura Aya-san,
Wearing handmade clothes that mom made for us, along with my older sister, we’d sing and dance,
It was from back then that I wanted to shine brightly in Hello! Project (heart)
When I first joined Kenshuusei, my senpais have taught me many things,
Now that I have many kouhais under me, I have to get my act together and help them out as well(*>v<*) In my generation, there is a girl who is reliable, one who is a bit of an air head, one who is easy-going, etc Everyone has their own varying character(*>v<*) The others always says I’m amusing♪ I think there’s a lot of compassion among the Kenshuusei Like we’d help out girls who’d miss out on rehearsals from being sick We’re a tight-knit group(>v<*)
I think my singing and dancing is still not up to par, so I will work hard toward debuting one day
I’ll do my best during lessons and Nama Tamago show! (heart)
Please give me your support!

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Her low-level knowledge of the subject is good for an idol
Knowing too much will scare people away

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I can’t believe she loves my car, even down to the color

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From today on you are an Ichioka wota

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You mean Ichioka-chan will become my wota

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The only way a girl is interested in cars is because of a guy, no doubt about it

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In that case, this feels like an old guy’s doing

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Ichioka Icchan, I’ll get you this if it’s the one you like

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It’s automatic lol

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Rinapu, “Mazda lmao”

Katsuta Rinapu, “I’m saving up to buy a BMW when I turn 18”

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Me< So when are you getting a BMW?
Rinapu< I guess when I’m 18 or 19~
Me< That’s pretty soon (゜ロ ゜;

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She must be making so much money lol

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What type did she like again?
Was it the M series

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She makes 300,000yen (Roughly $3,000USD)

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I bet her parents are rich

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I’ll give her a second chance if she means a used E30 M3

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Would be charming if it’s the F series

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White in color

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When that happens, she’s going to declare she’s quitting H!P

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No way she only makes 300,000yen from working that much
It’s physical labor after all

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It’s odd for a teenage girl to like cars this much

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She’s 16 now, so in 2 years
I wonder how much she’d need to save?

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Rinapu, “I’ll pay cash”

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Rinapu who laughs at people driving used cars

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If you park a BMW in a parking lot near a live house they perform at
you can probably lure her in

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Her parents drives a BMW, not trolling

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Nakazawa onee-san has got a 7 series
In this case Rinapu should at least be aiming for a 5 series

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“Other than BMW, what other cars do you like?”
“Um, Benz and Volkswagen etc”
“All imports!”
“We got 2 BMWs, but they’re broken”
“Ah~ typical imports”

Sorry Icchan, if you only have mentioned this, I’d add you to my list of favorites

brb, trading in my 86 (+ a suitcase of cash) for a white F80 M3, Rinapuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


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