We’ll cover only one song today, but it’s a tough one. It’s last song of Morning Musume ’14 current concert tour. Don’t be surprised if the NYC concert ends with this song as well.

Happy Daisakusen (updated)

* Audio has been mixed with an audio rip from the current tour to enhance the chants.

Chants breakdown

Just before the first verse, do 4 “OI”s (00:12~).

The girls will each sing a line in order of seniority, but Sayumi gets two because she took Reina’s. After each line, yell the name or nickname of each member who just sang. *Click here for more info about name calls*
For the last call in this part, the name call is stretched, ie SA~KURA, instead of just SAKURA. (00:20~).

When we get to the chorus, the girls will signal us to sing-a-long. Sing the first part of the chorus with the, don’t worry, its half English, skip the last Japanese line if you can’t remember or pronounce it (01:02~).

At the end of the chorus, yell a “FU~” with the girls (01:35~).

During the bridge, “OI” 12 times to lead into the 2nd verse (01:36~).

As with the first verse, do the name call sequence again but this time in reverse order so that we end with SA~YUMIN (01:52~).

Sing-a-long part 2 (02:34~).

“FU~” again the end of the chorus (03:07~).

“OI” 12 times during the interlude, into the final verse (03:08~).

Sing-a-long part 3 (03:27~).

“FU~” one last time (04:00~).

End the song with 12 more “OI”s (04:01~).

Furi copy

During the chorus, the girls will line up and hold up their arms horizontally behind the members next to them. Fans are encouraged to do the same. If you are uncertain if the person beside you feels comfortable having your arm on their shoulder, ask first. Once the arms are aligned, as the song title is sung, it’s time to sway in unison. Sway from Right → Left → Right Left Right, raise right arm, sway again Right → Left → Right Left Right → Right → Left → Right Left Right. If you are confused, just sway the opposite direction from what the members on stage are doing. When they sway to your Left, you sway to your Right.

The rest of the dance isn’t as important to copy but you may do so if you want.

Comment in the field below if you have any questions and stay tuned for the next song(s)!