So the setlist for Morning Musume ’14 Aki tour [GIVE ME MORE LOVE ~Michishige Sayumi Sotsugyou Kinen Special~] is now known, let’s focus on songs on the setlist that will likely be performed in New York as well because we’re likely to get a modified version of their autumn concert setlist. And since we’re getting closer to the show, let’s cover two songs this time.

Ai no Gundan

Chants breakdown

Pretty standard procedure with this song. All the chants consist of “OI”s.

After the short intro, yell “OI” 14 times, stopping before the first singing line (00:14~).

Before the first chorus, do another 6 “OI”s (00:59~).

Now this part is a little bit tricky. After the girls sing the song title, do two stretched “OI”s followed by 4 more “OI”s in a row. Key here is to time your “OI”s with the bass thumps (01:30~).

Follow immediately with another set of 14 “OI”s just like at the start of the song (01:35~).

And just like the first part of the song, before the second chorus, do 6 “OI”s (02:19~).

The tricky part again (02:51~).

Finally, after the last line, “Ai no, Ai no, Ai no Gundan”, do 14 more “OI”s to end the song (04:12~).

Furi copy

There’s no need to copy the dance when you’re chanting. For the rest of the song, arm movement mimicking is very important. Since the theme of this song is military, be sure to do all the salutes, forward and upward arm raises. During parts of the song, when only a few members are singing, they raise their arm into the air to signify that they are currently singing. Feel free to also raise your arm into the air at the same time to identify yourself as whose fan. Also there’s a part where the members stand in a slanted line, with their arms raised, leans back then leans forward. Copy this part too. The rest of the dance, such as the forward arm spin, head tilt salute, outward arm swing, etc copy as much as you feel like without hitting people around you.

One Two Three (updated)

Chants breakdown

Start off with the typical “OI”s right after the intro when the bass starts pumping, yell “OI” 6 times (00:08~).

At the end of the B melo, yell “WOOOOOOOO~” until the clash sound, leading into the chorus (00:58~).

Now the fun part begins! As the girls sings the each word of the song title, yell it along with them (01:01~).

“OI” 6 times during the bridge leading into the second half of the song (01:45~).

Same as in the first half, yell “WOOOOOOO~” after the B melo until the clash sound (02:35~).

Do the “ONE!” “TWO!” “THREE!” sing-a-long again (02:37~).

Yell “OI” 6 to 7 times during the interlude (03:22~).

The music quiets down, and Sayu will sing her solo lines. Do NOT do the “ONE!” “TWO!” “THREE!” sing-a-long here (03:30~).

Right afterward is the last chorus, repeat the “ONE!” “TWO!” “THREE!” sing-a-long one last time to end the song (03:38~).

Furi copy

A few key points for this song.

Right before yelling “WOOOOOOO~”, there’s an arm movement to be copied. Put both arms forward straight ahead of yourself, slightly upward if you have no space, and shake your palms with a twisting, vibrating motion. Slowly spread your arms to the sides.

When doing the “ONE!” “TWO!” “THREE!” sing-a-long, each number has a different motion.
For “ONE!”, put out the index finger of your right hand and point it straight up into the air.
For “TWO!”, put out the index and middle fingers of your right hand to make a V sign, with the palm facing yourself, hold the V sideways beside your right eye.
For “THREE!”, put out and spread your right hand thumb, index finger and middle finger to make a W sign. With the palm facing yourself, put the W sign in front of your face, then pull your arm away to the right, revealing your face.

At the end of each chorus, the last line “A-i-shi-te-ru”, at “ru”, the girls raise their arms and then spreads out as they lean outward. Copy the “ru” arm motion.

The video above might be difficult to see the dance moves and hear all the calls, so here’s a non-updated version of the song with clear video and loud chanting for your reference:

Comment in the field below if you have any questions and stay tuned for the next song(s)!