Continuing from last time, here are the instructions for the second song in this series.

What is LOVE?

Easily one of the most important song for this upcoming concert, even though we don’t know the set list for their autumn tour yet (at the time of this writing), this being the J-melo fan collaboration song, it’s 99.9999999% certain it will be performed in New York.

Chants breakdown

Similar to Password is 0, the chants are quite straight forward, consisting of “OI” and one English line.

Right after the intro, yell “OI” 15 times, stopping before the first singing line (00:06~).

Just before the first chorus, it’s everybody’s favorite yelling line, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” (00:48~).

Do another 15 “OI” in the bridge after the first chorus and second A melo (01:18~).

Same as in first part, yell “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” just before the second chorus (01:59~).

Now after the second chorus, there is an interlude. Here, yell “OI” seven times, followed by a “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” (02:29~).

Finish off with another set of seven “OI” in the outro to end the song (03:04~)

Furi copy

Just like Password is 0, when you’re not chanting, feel free to follow along with your favorite member’s arm motions. Fans tends to be more jumpy during this song. Some beat matching light jumping wouldn’t hurt, as long as you’re not over doing it, blocking the views of people behind you.

Comment in the field below if you have any questions and stay tuned for the next song!