1: デレシンJr 2014/06/18(水)18:46:23 ID:???
BTW, I heard a Berryz song on Inazumu Eleven
and there was a free event the next day so I went to it
then I became a Crazy Kanzen na H!P wota

3: デレシンJr 2014/06/18(水)18:47:25 ID:???
They totally stole my heart

4: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/18(水)18:48:33 ID:???
The reason? This grandpa has been doing this for so long, he can’t remember anymore

7: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/18(水)18:52:46 ID:???
Just happened to see HaroPuro Time, the Kimi Chari thing
when Maimi-chan tried riding a bike, what a beautiful girl, I thought

8: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/18(水)18:52:57 ID:???
Was watching Heavy Rotations from some 48group on Youtube and the related video was
Kimagure Princess
Momusu lol, I thought at first, but when I watched it I was so shocked
When Gaki-san first joined I thought she was cute lol, but wow she turned into such a hottie which was another big shock

9: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/18(水)18:54:11 ID:???
Idol Master MMD

* Example:


10: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/18(水)19:00:15 ID:???
On a variety show Momochi was on
It mentioned even thought all other Berryz Koubou members had grown up
Momochi was the only one who didn’t change one bit, so I looked it up
and the Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi MV popped up

11: デレシンJr 2014/06/18(水)19:14:37 ID:???
Ah, I’ve only mentioned how I became a Berryz wota
I started focusing my eyes on H!P about two years ago
To say the reason, it’s more like I heard about S/mileage becoming a 6 people group
When I tried listening to their songs, I found lots that I like

12: デレシンJr 2014/06/18(水)19:18:55 ID:???
And then eventually that lead to the other groups

13: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/18(水)19:46:13 ID:???
It was from watching exactly this on Youtube
*Dead link

14: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/18(水)19:52:01 ID:???
I just happened to noticed how overly beautiful Sayumi is that I got interested in Momusu
For a while all I watched was MM
I remember I’ve seen Berryz Koubou somewhere before and thought they’re pretty cute so I looked them up and she has become so fat
Of course I’m talking about Maasa
The beauty of Yajima Maimi of ℃-ute
I haven’t been interested in S/mileage for a long time, but when Meimei hosted HaroSute, it really opened my eyes
And for Juice, I’m in love with Chan-san

15: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/06/19(木)01:57:00 ID:???
It was when I saw Summer Night Town on a music show
and since then I’ve adhere to H!P for all these 15 years
It’d take a thousand lines to cover all I’ve been through

18: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/19(木)02:23:14 ID:???
From when I watched the video showing Oda Sakura has been decided to join
Before that I kind of know about H!P and liked it
When I really started keeping up with the news and to support them for real was after hearing Sakura-chan’s singing voice

19: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/19(木)02:30:21 ID:???
Surprised me how many new people came in after 9ki
Myself I’m an old uncle who was into ASAYAN
Are all the early and golden era wotas gone?
Now I like ’14, as well as Berikyu Suma JJ

20: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/19(木)06:23:21 ID:???
My reason is 123’s MV, so exactly the same time as Yuusuke
but I did watched the Rock vocalist audition on ASAYAN
btw I’ve known about them since SharanQ’s major debut
but their amateur era in Osaka is beyond me

21: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/22(日)15:15:29 ID:???
My reason or whatever is that I’m Tsunku wota without realizing
The oldest memory I have is sitting in front of the TV watching Morning Musume who wasn’t selling pretty well at the time

22: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/22(日)15:47:53 ID:???
Last line of Adam to Eve no Dilemma

Maimai’s “Ha~~~~♪”

24: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/22(日)15:56:30 ID:???
By chance I saw a picture of Kikka’s big boobs and I became a H!P wota

25: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/22(日)16:07:13 ID:???
You don’t say!

34: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/22(日)21:40:25 ID:???

40: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/23(月)02:41:25 ID:???
That’s cute lololololol

26: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/22(日)16:11:58 ID:???
I’ve watched normally ASAYAN, Utaban, Okajo etc Variety shows
Morning Musume seems pretty fun but I’ve only considered them as people on TV
I think in about 2005, when the Internet environment was more developed that I’ve touched on areas previously undiscovered
Started watching vidoes of MVs and concerts, then I found this hell of a place we call Ookami (laughs) which dragged me all the way in

37: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/23(月)00:09:46 ID:???
Pretty much the same as me

28: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/22(日)19:12:48 ID:???
Maimai in KiraPika was love at first sight for me
After it cooled down for me for a while, I came back during Morning Musume’s Platinum era

29: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/22(日)19:22:44 ID:???
Back then Goto Maki was still around
Goto → Tanaka → Sato

Sorry I’m so stereotypical

30: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/22(日)19:28:17 ID:???
Airi, Risako, Miyabi, Riho ← cute girls who can sing and dance, irresistible triple threat

This is pretty hard to find in other idols

31: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/22(日)19:31:21 ID:???
With ℃-ute’s Massara Blue Jeans as my basis
Now Musume.

33: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/22(日)19:42:48 ID:???
People who started way back and are still wotas now are really impressive, you have my respect

35: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/22(日)22:41:22 ID:???
When Berryz Koubou came on HEY!HEY!HEY! as idols recommended by Iwao (The Berryz wota comedian)
Getting interested from their jumpy-ness, I was surprised to see they are University students when I looked them up
Then I got into H!P as a whole but Momochi is still my favorite

36: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/23(月)00:05:09 ID:???
I pretty much only listened to western music, during the time I was into skrillex, I happened to hear Ai no Gundan, it’s just like skrillex lol,
that day, I searched for their other songs on Youtube, Miss Sayashi Rihoriho’s twist and turns and her enchanting dances were great,
she stole my heart, and then the dance in Rock no tegi was awesome! Then I found the show Harosute and I watched from the first episode
and found there are other groups, took me about a week to remember all their names except for the kenkyuusei, so there were girls like
Kamei-chan and Yuukarin who has graduated…and with that, even-thought all the groups have their own character and traits, I’ve ended up
settling with S/mileage. Sorry does this make sense? m__m

And people around at first were like what’s with you? but recently they’re all having fun talking about H!P

38: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/23(月)00:16:42 ID:???
Well a lot of people have also said this
It was love at first sight when I saw Reina on Suugaku Joshi Gakuen which I just happened to see
So such a cute girl exist in this world I thought
It might sound like I’m exaggerating but my life really changed at that point in time

39: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/23(月)00:29:50 ID:???
I did watched like Haromoni and Okajo back then but I was a kid at the time so didn’t became a wota
Watching London Hearts and Ougon Densetsu made me like Sayu but that was about it
Janurary this year, I saw Chinami’s 1 minute theater by chance, and with that I got hooked to H!P
If the thumbnail preview of that video didn’t have Momochi in it, I probably wouldn’t have clicked on it
they skilfully incorporate various Hello! members in like that

41: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/23(月)08:43:15 ID:???
I happened to notice the news about S/mileage’s major debut, I got hooked after looking up their songs

42: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/06/23(月)09:27:36 ID:???
Ookami is my reason

43: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/23(月)10:50:13 ID:???
When I used to watch a lot of dance cover videos
Since Aikawa, who I liked, respects Momochi
I looked her up, the shock I got seeing the difference between a real idol and a net idol

44: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/06/24(火)19:49:46 ID:???
During the Love Machine boom when I was in elementary school

I started listening to Morning Musume around when Summer Night Town and Daite HOLD ON ME! came out because JPop was the hottest thing at the time. Didn’t really get into it until AS FOR ONE DAY. Then 6ki happened and I was hooked. When I finally saw them in person at Anime Expo in 2009, that’s when I decided to go all out for Reina. Now that she has graduated, I follow LovendoЯ but still continue to support H!P because I’m so used to it? Even after deciding that I would quit after Reina’s grad. Right~ LOL FML OTZ

What’s your story?

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