The just released August edition of EX MAX!, a Japanese political and entertainment gossip tabloid magazine, they did a feature on how much money female idols in Japan make yearly. Take everything you read here with a grain of salt…Japanese tabloids are known to pull numbers out of their… know….the place where the sun don’t shine.

All monetary amounts in this article are in Japanese yen. I recommend to convert the numbers into your home currency.

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1st Sashihara (HKT) 68 million yen
2nd Kojima (AKB) 59 million yen
3rd Takahashi Minami (AKB) 53 million yen
3rd Momota (Momokuro) 53 million yen
5th Hashimoto (Rev) 50 million yen
6th Kikuchi (Idoling) 49 million yen
6th Watanabe Mayu (AKB) 49 million yen
6th Michishige (Momusu) 49 million yen
6th Tamai (Momokuro) 49 million yen
10th Kashiwagi (AKB) 48 million yen

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Idols who can make over 10 million yen a year are only the AKB top members

They don’t get royalties from writing music or lyrics. Even at the best of times, thanks to them having so many members, it gets divided up
How the hell can you make so much money as group idols lol

Momusu at their best only made like 30 million yen anyway lol
Ichii (Sayaka) even mentioned in the year 2000, she only made 120,000 yen a month

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That’s just cause Ichii is retarded
The year after, Momusu members all were ranked high in the high tax payer list

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Odasaku makes 6 million yen a year?

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Dropping all necessity cost like rent and clothes and food
It means she’s left with 6 million yen after covering her taxes and life insurance cost isn’t it

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Reading this, >>1 is something wrong with your head buddy?
■ Yearly income from reverse calculation on income tax paid during Golden Era
Abe Natsumi 64.32 million yen
Iida Kaori 63.05 million yen
Yasuda Kei 56.62 million yen
Yaguchi Mari 56.32 million yen
Nakazawa Yuko 51.19 million yen
Tsuji Nozomi 45.70 million yen
Ishikawa Rika 44.62 million yen
Goto Maki 40.78 million yen
Kago Ai 40.08 million yen
Yoshizawa Hitomi 38.24 million yen

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Latest Hello! Project members yearly income estimates

49 million yen Michishige
33 million yen Kudo
24 million yen Sayashi, Tsugunaga
17 million yen Kumai, Yajima, Fukumura
12 million yen Wada

Below 9 million yen
Airi, Natsuyaki, Sugaya and others not listed above

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Even thought Kikuchi appears on many prime time shows, it’s all on MX, so she’s not making that much

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I can see they’re saying Kudo is making a lot to make the article sensational
Is it because simply the writer likes her?

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Haropuro charges 6000yen a ticket even for live house shows
It must be because the members have high salaries

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It’s to cover the labor cost for all the staff
since they sing live, it takes a lot to adjust the audio

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Akimoto Yasushi’s Yearly income is over 5 billion yen

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This is also false

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That’s the yearly income of One Piece’s author, Oda Eiichiro

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Who the hell said 50 million yen, more like 5 million yen

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Michishige was in a CM for Hangame last year and was Yoshinoya’s store manager etc
She had her own sweets produced and her SayuUsa goods were even placed in game centers

50 million comes to no surprise

Question is, how did Kudo get 33 million with just 1 photobook

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No way those shabby jobs can add up to 50 million

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Haru-chan is still so young yet she has so much money that it makes me worry
Jicchan will look after the cash for you

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Even with CM and advertisement contracts, how much of it does it really goes to the artist’s pocket I wonder…

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Michishige has been at it for 10 years and she’s the leader, it’s not unlikely she makes over 30 million

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Momusu in itself is not a money tree, the company is not retarded to pay them that much

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By just counting Morning Musume concerts alone, Michishige has done over 700 shows
If you don’t understand what an achievement this is, it’s no use to argue

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If Michishige is paid 30 million yen, to pay Momusu as a whole would possibly take around 100 million
For entertainers, is there a group that is so well paid?

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Just the profit from photos and goods takes them into the hundred millions

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I could care less about assessment of groups and their members I have no interest in
Reading the article just seems like it’s an oshimen ranking list of the reporter who wrote this lol

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Apparently that girl who quit Nogizaka leaked that she was paid 1500yen an hour

 I have never in my life read so much BS in one thread!
Makes you wonder where all their assumptions comes from…..


Thanks Yukirin

(Actually, I do have a source…)