While the other three 10th gen members seems to be making a name for themselves, Iikubo Haruna appears to be the least popular member of the group. Her fans wonders why some people even go as far as to hate her. This thread was posted on the 2ch clone, Open2ch. Overall atmosphere on this board seems to be more friendly with less haters and trolls. Let’s see what these people think about Harunan.

1 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)10:32:08 ID:???
Iikubo Honey is so visually appealing, why does the spot light never fall on her…

2 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)10:39:12 ID:???
She seems like a manga character
Doesn’t seem to fit Musume that well
I’d probably get along with her pretty well if she’s in my class
since she seems like a nice person

5 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)10:43:44 ID:???
I think her member color suits her well

7 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)10:45:10 ID:???
I think she’s cute, but other than her looks, she doesn’t have much going for her

9 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)10:45:53 ID:???
Really? Wouldn’t you think a beauty like that would stand out…

12 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)11:00:36 ID:???
I think her stable talking is an asset
She pays attention to her surrounding also gives off a good impression

13 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)11:07:03 ID:???
I don’t hate her
but she’s also not my favorite

14 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)11:22:32 ID:???
I like her a lot

15 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)11:22:32 ID:???
To be honest, she’s so cute visually, so I like that
During the Chocolate color graduation press conference, the way she got into the mood was the best
I could not think of anything else other than it was so funny, watching it alone was such joy

18 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)11:31:26 ID:???
When I saw Harunan during the 10th gen member debut event, I thought that “this girl seems great on the outside, but she has to be hiding something
During the Musume song intro quiz game, she couldn’t even get any right, even with her age, I figured she didn’t studied enough for it
But at the handshake at the end when I told her “Please do your best”, the way she replied “OKAY! I’ll do my best! (hee)”, I thought she was so cute with that smile, that’s what changed my image of her lol

19 : 名無しさん:2014/04/19(土)11:33:37 ID:???
They’re flaming her on Mixi too

23 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)11:38:11 ID:???
This isn’t a place for it
On Ookami (The main H!P fan board on 2ch), summary sites, Youtube, 90% of the comments are by haters
On Twitter it’s half and half
But she’s popular overseas

21 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)11:37:25 ID:???
I think her sense of style is her biggest weapon
especially toward girls

27 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)11:43:50 ID:???
3 years ago I was an AKB wota, Mariko was my oshimen
Her mixi community was pretty much all female fans only
Just like the amount of male fans in the Fukuyama Masharu community

22 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)11:38:07 ID:???
Iikubo-san please gain some weight

30 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)11:48:54 ID:???
Haters gonna hate
I like Harunan, so I’ll support her
Cute and kind Harunan is who I like

33 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)12:16:56 ID:???
Surely how Iikubo-san isn’t clumsy is a big blow to her as an idol

34 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)12:21:19 ID:???
She has to be hiding something

42 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)13:23:58 ID:???
There isn’t a women who doesn’t have secrets
Iikubo is so straight forward that her inner side almost seeps through
Quite possibly, she might even have the least deviation between her outer and inner self amongst all the Hello! members

46 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)13:28:26 ID:???
Iikubo-san is kind of like Sashihara

47 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)13:28:39 ID:???
I’m a girl and I like Harunan

48 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)13:29:05 ID:???
I like Harunan too

50 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)13:31:30 ID:???
I’m a guy and I like Haruna too

53 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)13:32:46 ID:???
At first, she look liked a zombie so I didn’t like her
She was so scarily thin
Lately she has gain a few pounds making her very visually appealing

63 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)13:59:05 ID:???
The only thing I don’t like is her voice

66 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)14:01:01 ID:???
She got so pounded on the Twitter thing (The scandal about Haruna’s secret Twitter account)

69 :つんく回復祈願中。。。◆n/7caLIPGc :2014/04/19(土)14:03:57 ID:???
She’s a good girl, I like her

Even on TV
Without relying on a character or one-liner, she can properly talk properly
it gives me a peace of mind

74 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)14:07:49 ID:???
Her twitter thing, we found out she doesn’t even bad mouth people behind their backs
On the contrary, it shows that she’s a good person

76 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)14:09:25 ID:???
Choco-Iikubo suited her so well
even better than Honey-Iikubo

78 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)14:10:43 ID:???
It just seems more stylish that way

79 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)14:13:05 ID:???
With Reina gone, no one jokes around saying Iikubo is gross anymore
Her funny sense of humor at the weirdest time and her funny body movement,
these are the things that makes me like her

81 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)14:15:10 ID:???
Iikubo-san has more great sides to her
She’s so stylish yet so gross at the same time
this gap is really funny, I think it’s a great personality

107 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)18:39:06 ID:???
Seems like a lot of girls likes Harunan

145 :名無しさん :2014/04/19(土)19:25:07 ID:???
A big sister character is needed

162 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)00:12:36 ID:???
Her existence is important
Especially when they are all still little kids
Fuku-chan is of course doing her best with her calm high classiness
But it’s helpful to have someone like Iikubo-san who’s an older knowledgeable big sister

167 :名無しさん :2014/04/20(日)08:12:41 ID:???
She seems to hold back when there are senpai around
During the Goodbye Chocolate 10th gen only show
she did so well retorting back at Daishi and Do-, it was so funny watching her do the MC

199 : 名無しさん:2014/04/21(月)01:02:36 ID:???
Since her character doesn’t have an explosive power, if she doesn’t improve her skill, it’s hard for her to make a break. Even Ikuta who’s in the same boat as her we can imagine as center, but Iikubo-san is unimaginable.
In terms of her character, if she suddenly jumps in skills, I think she’ll get more chances

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Of the current Morning Musume line up, Haruna is my favorite, so I’m positively bias toward her. However, I have to agree with some of the posters that because she’s too dependable but at the same time acts too weird that it’s hard to like her in the sense of a typical idol.

What do you guys think? Please write your opinions below.