Here is a summary of fan reports from yesterday’s release event at Ikebukuro Sunshine City

– During the MC, Haru said one person she wants to be in a group with is Tanabe Nanami. At the mention of this Ma-chan became visibly jealous/angry.

During the MC segment after they performed What is Love
– Oda cannot wait to have kouhais join the group
– New members will eventually join the group but Kudo wishes to hold the record for youngest member to join MM for forever

– Eripon unveiled a new catch phrase for herself today “The one in a million idol Ikuta Erina!” although she stumbled on the words when she trying to say it for the first time so she gave herself a re-do.

– MM announced to the audience that since the “usual” routine was for them to be surprised at Sunshine City, today they would do a role reversal and surprise the wotas. As a surprise event, fans were randomly chosen in the crowd via ticket number and those winners were allowed to go on stage to get a poster signed by the girls.

– One of the winners of the signed poster was amateur idol and big H!P fan Mayu

– Everyone was wearing boots as part of the standard costume today except for Kudo who was seen wearing sneakers. It was also noted that her leg was heavily taped up.

– Kudo looked fine during the release event / dancing, but during the post-event press interview, wotas report that she looked to be in a great deal of pain. She looked like she was trying to avoid putting weight on her leg and her facial expressions looked painful.

– One report that Kudo was spotted in a wheel chair after everything was over.

– One report that Kudo was icing down her leg after the event was over