Welcome to our first inception article where we translate a Japanese article which was translated from English back to English.

This time we look at a posting of a Japanese H!P fan site admin who has gathered Youtube English comments of overseas fans’ reaction to C-ute’s Dance de Bakoon!
Reason for this old song because the admin likes it~

Here’s the video in question:


Bakoon! is like BANG or POW kind of onomatopoeic words isn’t it. The great thing about this song is if you dance along with it, it makes all your worries go away

This is my favorite song! No doubt it’d liven you up if you listen to this live!

So cuteeee!

They’re not C-ute, they’re sexy.
Should change their name to S-exy lol
This dance look so fun, it really brings out their unique voices

Are they singing about bacon? XD

So what are we supposed to think about bacon after watching this?

I guess a lot of people misunderstand that Bakooon! is BANG! the explosion sound effect
not DANCE IN BACON lmaooooo

Chisato’s singing is so good!

Ah… I’m so glad to be born a Japanese…

I love this song! So glad they upload C-ute’s songs like this, watch more people!!!

Chisato’s singing voice is just too good…and Saki is so cute…but it’s always Maimi and Airi who get all the lines…

Listening to this song makes me so energetic

Chisato’s voice is awesome! Best in C-ute!

oh thinking about bacon is making me drool…you got to be kidding me
At 1:16 Saki is way too cute! The cutest

Airi, Maimai LOVE!

Go to Japannnnnn!!!

I love this PV, good enough to fight for the top spot in H!P

Oh Chisato…Chisato is my waifu
I’m falling for her from watching this PV
What’s with her angelic cute face….I love you

Nakki and Airi are too cute! This is best song ever! C-ute power!!!

I love C-ute! Great song, awesome dance, and everyone is so pretty!!

C-ute really rocks! They’re my favorite H!P group!PLEASEEEEEE come to Americaaaaaaaa! Chisato and Maimai are killin’ it!!!

C-ute is awesome, the music, dancing, and singing.
I’m so proud to be a fan of C-ute
From a serious Australian wota.

Oh you’re kidding me…why are Japanese people so cute? Are they all like this?

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