Original write-up by Dran.
The write-up is a retelling of the plot, for all the jokes and trolls you’ll have to check out the videos provided.


The party are sitting at the end of last session’s maze, preparing themselves to ascend the stairs to the next level.

As the party proceed up the stairs, they enter a large chamber. They notice a number of golden ‘pegs’ in a blue stone square on the ground, near the centre of the room, as well as an iron grate in the floor – though they are unable to see what is below.

As the party begin to think about what this room is, Tetsuo begins to feel that the party have been followed since first leaving the gaol cells, and realise that the stalker is in fact a small rat. He picks the rat up, and notices that a red Isawa family Mon has been stained onto the rat’s fur.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party notice that the golden statuettes they picked up on previous floors have begun to glow a similar colour as the pegs situated on the blue square. Upon closer inspection, they discover several kanji have no appeared on the base of the statues.

Upon trying to sense the presence of magics in the area, Kuro detects that, for some reason, the rat which Tetsuo picked up is actually a source of magic. Upon detecting this, he begins to hear the voice of Suzuki Airi inside his mind. She tells him that she managed to have them followed with the rat when they were captured on the battlefield, but they have had no luck in actually finding where the party were taken to.

As Kuro begins to explain the party’s current situation to her, Airi alerts him that there’s a presence coming, and that everyone should hide.

They immediately do so, and, once safely hidden, they notice a thick mist emerge over the blue square in the centre of the room, and a dark robed figure mysteriously emerge from within it, along with a small retinue of the same creatures which they had fought at Otosan Uchi.

The robed figure can be heard to utter the phrase, “It is time,” as the undead monsters open up the iron grate in the centre of the room, and the robed figure begins to read some form of incantation from the large tome he carries.

As he does so, Miyamoto’s unconscious body emerges from the darkness below and the undead close the grate, and leave back through the strange mist, carrying the body of Miyamoto with them. Some members of the party notice the faint and brief image of the kanji for ‘death’ appear in the mist, before said mist dissipates entirely.

Kuro tries to communicate back what just happened to Airi, and she asks him to try to further investigate, if possible, but to not underestimate the danger he presents the party.

They decide to try putting a statuette on the blue square, which they now suspect to be a transportation device. After some debate they put the Life statuette there, and sure enough, a mist-like portal seems to open up before them. The party cautiously step through.

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