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We are back to start of 2013 with the first Konya mo TKMR of the year! In this episode we start off by discussing a recent interview with Natsu sensei from Trendy Nikkei. In this interview, she shares some insider industry secrets that made her one of Japan’s most well known dance producers. We then take a look at Hello Project of the past and present to see if we could spot any signs of Natsu sensei’s signature style. We move on to some school troubles for the younger girls in Morning Musume. We go over several magazine interviews and TV shows that give us more insight into what it is like to be a new member of Morning Musume. Lastly, we cover the ever changing attitude Tanaka Reina has had towards her fans over the past several months. We take a look at the rollercoaster of emotions she expresses on her personal blog.

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