And so Sir Oroboras is once again in the land of the rising sun.
This time around he traveled with fellow TKMR’er Firren to check out a bunch of awesome stuff.
And of course once again Oroboras made some video’s about his trip.

Part 5 of the adventures.

Covering 2 days events – Firstly, the last S/mileage event, at Megaweb on Odaiba, and the next morning, I headed to Nagoya, for our last Morning Musume concert of this years trip.

Part 6 of the adventures.

Off shopping in the morning, spotting decent Idol music at Tower Records, and the realities of coping with the ‘major earthquake’ that hit Tokyo while I was filming, then off to see Up Up Girls (仮) live.

Part 7 of the adventures.

Today, I headed off to Nagoya for my first C-ute concerts.

Part 8 of the adventures.

Today we went to high places – the Tokyo Sky Tree, and Shinjuku Municipal Buildings. At the top of the latter, I spoke a little about the happenings of the previous day.

Part 9 of the adventures.

Today, we met up with Maoh-san, and Madoka-san to visit a couple of locations from Hello Pro Time, then went for awesome food!

Here were the (so far) last 5 parts of the adventures of mainly Oroboros, but the occasional voice of Firren!
If there is more to come I do not know, but if there is I guess I’ll update with a new post~