2012-11-18 Riho Deli highlights

Riho starts the show off by saying she’s been really sleepy at school lately. Deli is shocked because last week she just said that school was fun and she loves staying awake now. She’s back to sleepy again so fast? Riho says yes. She now appreciates how fun class is but still has trouble staying awake. She says she isn’t trying to fall asleep in class but before she knows it she ends up dozing off. Riho says recently the teacher had to tap on her desk to wake her up.

Riho gets a listener email asking about her signature phrases. Up til now she has her trademark “hyahoi” that she always says. Recently she has been ending her blog posts with “OyasuminaSayashi” and the listener wanted to get her thoughts on this new catch phrase.

Riho says that this type of thing has spread beyond just fans using it. At school, her classmates tell her “Oh I read your blog” and they’ll say her phrases. She gets really excited whenever they say “hyahoi” in class – and it sounds like they say it often. However, for OyasuminaSayashi, they haven’t said it yet. Riho thinks it might sound too embarassing for them to say because it is outside of the idol environment. The guys in her class tell her they read her blog but they don’t say “OyasuminaSayashi”. She thinks it’s way to embarassing for them. Speaking of catch phrases, Riho was recently on Pussuma with Yusuke Santamaria. He recently declared he was a big MM fan and Riho found out he knew all about her catch phrases – hyahoi and even shuwa shuwa pon. She was happy to find that out.

2012-11-25 Momo no PuriPuri Princess highlights

Momo opens up the show by talking about how there is only one month left til Christmas. She figures now is a good time to start thinking about what Christmas presents she wants to ask Santa for. She says she should probably say some idol-ish answer like something about making her dreams come true or whatever but she bluntly shares with us that she really wants an XBOX or PS Vita this year. She loves video games so she hopes Santa will bring her that this year. She goes to to wonder if Santa will even stop by her house this year because she is 20 years old now. She asks her manager in the room and he says no. She thinks he still should because she has been a good girl.

On to the listener email, someone writes in to ask “I love to eat cup yakisoba but the cabbage leftover at the end is always so gross and hard to eat for me. Any advice on avoiding this problem?”

Momo says she loves cup yakisoba and he doesn’t appreciate how amazing that leftover cabbage is. She says the cabbage that’s soaked in the juice at the end of the cup yakisoba is like the sugary milk left over in a bowl of Cornflakes. Both are amazing and we should enjoy them. After a long talk about cup yakisoba, she says it’d be nice if they gave her a commercial because of how much she likes it. She tells the yakisoba company on air she’s willing to do anything – even if it’s dress up like an alien while eating the cup yakisoba. She is waiting for phone calls now. Don’t disappoint!