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2012-09-17 Konya mo Usachan peace highlights

Host: Sayu
Guest: Eripon

This episode was a public recording of Usa pi. Also for this episode, the show began with Eripon pretending to be the Assistant Director (AD) for Sayu. At times she would hold up cue cards with instructions for Sayu.

Sayu begins with a listener email. The listener asks Sayu since she recently got back from Hawaii if there are any other countries she would like to visit. Sayu responds by saying not really. She likes Japan so much that she doesn’t have much interest in traveling else where. That is not to say she wouldn’t ever go. She is sure that if she went somewhere new she will probably find it exciting – just like she does with Hawaii. At this point Eripon holds up a cue card to Sayu that says “I want to go to France!”. Sayu says she doesn’t have much interest but if staff were to invite her and her mom and sister on a trip together, she would go. But on her own, she probably wouldn’t. Eripon again holds up another cue card saying she wants to go on stage now. Sayu pretends to act mad that Eripon is interrupting her show but ends up saying “Okay okay come on stage”. When Eripon goes on stage, she brings her own chair along and Sayu comments on how prepared she is.

On to a pun game corner, one of submissions was a pun about Riho’s name. On the topic of Riho, Sayu asks what is Eripon and Riho’s relationship like. Eripon shares that she probably spends the most time with Riho out of all the 9th gen. Eripon says that they always go to karaoke together and order lots of fried cartilage. They like it so much that they always get 2 or 3 orders of it. That is also the only thing they order at karaoke. Sayu says that isn’t a middle school girl-ish food. In fact, it’s not really an idol-like food either. Sayu says they should order parfaits so when they talk about it it’s more idol-like.

At the end of the show they talk about some memories from last year. When 9th gen first joined, all of the girls took turns making guest appearances on Sayu’s radio show except Eripon. Eripon eventually made a guest appearance, but much much later than the other 3 girls. This was due to the fact that the guest appearances were during their Spring concert tour. At that time, Eripon had not practiced enough for the concert tour. She was still making a lot of mistakes. As a penalty, her manager did not let her go on Sayu’s radio show. She eventually was allowed to go on Sayu’s show in August of that year.

2012-10-16 Tatekawa Shirano no Subukaru Tengoku highlights

Guests: Mizuki, Iikubo

Mizuki says she is the type of person who likes to keep her possessions in good condition so they last for a very long time. She says she still has make up tools she bought when she first joined Eggs and she still uses them. Also, a while ago Zukki gave everyone matching key chains. Everyone else’s has broken, but Mizuki’s is still in good condition. She likes to brag about things like “I’ve had this make up item for ___ years now”. Tatekawa asks Mizuki how she handles things when people ask to borrow her stuff. Mizuki says she has 2 sets of items. 1 for lending and 1 for herself. Tatekawa then asks who usually borrows stuff from her. Mizuki says it’s mostly Eripon and Kudu. Kudu is really forward about things and she’ll usually go up to Mizuki, take an item and then say “Hey I’m borrowing this okay?”. There have been times where Kudu has taken one of the not-for-lending items and Mizuki wishes that would stop.

Iikubo tells Tatekawa that every day she reads 1 volume of manga. Tatekawa asks what she read today and she says “Kyou no Nekomura san” – a manga series about a cat working as a housekeeper. All of the art is drawn in pencil and she heard that it takes a full day to draw each panel. The series started 7 years ago but because of how long each drawing takes, there are only 4-5 volumes out. Recently she has also started to like shojo mangas like the ones in Bessatsu Margaret.

Mizuki says she is a big fan of everyone in H!P as well as Canary club, The possible and Up up girls. However, her #1 of course is Berryz Koubou’s Tsugunaga Momoko. Tatekawa asks if Mizuki has told Momo how much she likes her. Mizuki says no. Outside of work she tries not to fangirl because she doesn’t want Momo to think she is creepy. Also, she wants to be seen as a fellow member instead of a fan. Within MM, Mizuki likes Sayu the most but has also held herself back from wearing Sayu T-shirts. She is quite jealous of Eripon because Eripon was invited to Sayu’s public recording of Usa chan peace. Mizuki really wanted to be on. The manager for some reason asked Eripon first if she wanted to go on and Eripon said yes so she got the gig.

2012-10-27 Youngtown Doyoubi highlights

Hosts: Sanma, Sayu, Aika
Guest: Nakazawa Yuko

Sanma reads a listener email that asks the 3 girls if they were offered a nude photoshoot, what would the conditions have to be for them to take it?

Sanma starts off by saying he could never picture Nakazawa doing a nude photoshoot. In his mind, Nakazawa is too pure of a person to do something like that. Nakazawa asks if she did have one, would he look at it? Sanma says maybe but only just the boobs. He has a big thing for boobs.

Sanma continues on and asks the 3 girls if they would do it. He says currently there is a big fad among the female celebrities where they are doing nude photoshoots that only show the breasts. He asks if they would consider doing that. Nakazawa says if she did a topless shoot, people would probably not like it. Nakazawa says she does not consider herself to have pretty breasts. Aika wonders if this means they are sagging too much. Nakazawa says no, she describes it as “a mom’s breasts” so thats why it wouldn’t be popular in a magazine. Sanma thinks Nakazawa is talking about her age and pregnancy affecting her breasts; Nakazawa says the age isn’t a factor. Aika wonders if Nakazawa means her breasts are wrinkly. Nakazawa gets offended here and says absolutely not.

Sanma moves onto Sayu. Sayu would never even consider a nude photobook. She would rather quit the entertainment business than do one. Sanma says what if your company offered you 50 million yen to do a nude photobook. Sayu says it is not about the money, she does not want to show that kind of stuff.

Sanma gives the same offer to Aika – 50 million yen. Aika says she would take it. Everyone starts to freak out and Sanma starts to describe different scenarios. Aika says “No no no, you’ve got it all wrong. I mean I would do an artistic one not one of those dirty ones”.

Nakazawa says being a model is actually a lot harder than it looks and it requires a certain physique for it. Sanma says Aika has that type of body. He says Aika has a really pretty body. Aika modestly rejects that compliment. Nakazawa says “Really, you do? Then you should give it a shot (doing a nude pb)!”

2012-10-31 Morning Musume’s All Night Nippon highlights

Hosts: Mizuki, Zukki, Iikubo

Iikubo talks about MM’s recent travel to Taiwan and Thailand for the world wide handshake event series. She says that only half the group went so she really missed seeing the other half that had to stay back in Japan.

The day after Iikubo got back to Japan, all of the girls were scheduled to meet up in pairs for work. Iikubo was really excited to see everyone again. She happened to be scheduled with Zukki. When they first saw each other, they ran towards each other and Zukki gave her a big hug. Warm feelings all around.

Mizuki was scheduled to meet up with Eripon. When they saw each other, Mizuki approached Eripon with her arms open for a hug and yelled “Good morning!!”. Eripon said “Ah, morning” and that was it. Mizuki was sad she didn’t get a hug. However, when Mizuki ran into Zukki later that day, Zukki gave her a hug. Zukki also gave Riho a hug even though they had been together the entire time.

When Mizuki met up with Riho, Riho gave her a big kiss. A picture was taken of this and posted on the 9th gen blog. Later that week at the individual handshake event in Japan, a few wotas went up to Mizuki and asked why they kissed. Mizuki asked if they were jealous and said she wasn’t going to tell them anything~