2012-09-04 bayfm78 “bay Girls campus” highlights

Guests: Kanyon, Ayacho

In talking about make-up, Nyon says that she is now trying to cut down on how much face wash she uses. She has been thinking about how to strengthen her own natural immunity and has started to do things like avoiding medicine when she gets fevers. She thinks that if you are always using lotion on your skin, you get to the point where you can’t live without it. She is now consciously trying to avoid using too much of anything.

Ayacho has the opposite mindset. She always buys beauty face masks in large quantities and likes trying out different things. She is the type who likes to experiment with a lot of different things. Her grandma had visited Korea recently and came back with some snail slime extract that Ayacho thinks is really good. However, Ayacho only has about one use left which sucks because it isn’t something you can buy in Japan. She says they are really handy for using right before photo shoots.

2012-09-08 Morning Musume Gakuin ~ Houkago Meeting ~ highlight

Host: Iikubo
Guests: Mizuki, Daishi

Iikubo is really excited because today is the first episode of this show where everyone is a high schooler. She wonders if this will end up being a more mature episode. Daishi thinks no way.

They begin the show by each sharing their biggest memory of Hawaii from their recent fan club tour.

Iikubo starts off with “English”. She says that when she was in Hawaii, she felt like she was speaking English the entire time. She’s not saying she’s fluent now or anything but she thought she was holding her own – she throws out some lines on the show like “Can I take a picture with you?”, “Thank you”, and “Oh my god!”. Daishi says she is exaggerating the amount of English that was actually spoken. Iikubo says she was speaking so much English in Hawaii that when she returned to Japan she forgot how to speak Japanese! It took her a while to get back in the groove of speaking Japanese again. lol

Mizuki says her memory of Hawaii was with the fans. During the one day optional tour, Mizuki went with Iikubo up to Diamond Head. When they were up on the mountain, everyone was walking around and taking pictures. Mizuki started to take pictures of the scenery when a bunch of fans said “Hey get us in the picture too!” Mizuki says it was the first time she ever took pictures of fans with her own private camera. She says it was really fun because she would be taking pictures of Diamond Head and fans would sneak their heads into the picture frame last second. Afterwards the fans told her “Please don’t delete those!” and Mizuki assured them she wouldn’t.

Daishi’s memory of Hawaii is “dinner bentou”. During the Hawaii tour, Ma-chan had done something bad so all of 10th gen were punished. As a result, that night they were not allowed to go out to dinner with everyone else and had to eat dinner in their hotel room with their manager. Daishi says it is a big downer to fly all the way to Hawaii only to eat a common Japanese item. Iikubo says on top of all this, the bentous given to them were discount ones bought at the supermarket late at night – 10% off. In the end the 10th gen turned this punishment into a mini party so they still had fun.

Mizuki was really jealous because the last time she went to Hawaii (before 10th gen joined) the 9th gen had done something bad and were punished, but instead of no dinner, they lost their free private time in Hawaii. All of the 9th gen were stuck in their hotel rooms and bummed out about the lost opportunity. Iikubo says at first it was pretty bad though because Ma-chan wouldn’t apologize and everyone got into a fight. But eventually everyone made up and they had that bentou party afterwards. Daishi says Iikubo was the one who took control of the situation and made everything end up ok. Mizuki asks what Iikubo did and Iikubo says she told Ma-chan she had to look everyone eye to eye and properly apologize.

2012-09-10 Konya mo Usachan peace highlights

Sayu begins the show by recapping MM’s recent Hawaii fan club tour. She says they went there for 9 days 7 nights. She believes this is the longest MM has been in Hawaii. During their stay there, 3 days were dedicated for the actual fan club tour and then the rest of the time was for photoshoots. This time, there will be 3 Alo Hello photobooks coming out – a group Morning Musume one, a 9th gen only one, and a 10th gen only one. When Sayu and Reina first heard about this they were really annoyed that they don’t get a 6th gen only one. Sayu says both of them were quite jealous for a while.

In the email corner, a listener writes in to say “I am a middle school 3rd year student and it seems like everyone around me is a genius. In the clubs I’m in, everyone seems like the serious hard working type. This just isn’t me and it’s quite rough sometimes. Sayumin, have you ever run into times where things are getting to the point where it’s more than you can handle? If so, please give me some advice!”

Sayu says that she is always feeling like that. For example, if her only job today was to do this UsaPi recording, that would be no problem for her. However, most of time there are rehearsals and another appearances/work that all get stacked upon in the same day. This makes things really difficult because when she is at one job, she is already thinking about the next one. It makes it really hard for her to fully focus on her current job. At the same time, she doesn’t want to be unprepared for the next job so she can’t just not think about that either.

As for advice, she found that emailing her sister is really helpful. Whenever she is off to work she essentially emails her daily schedule to her sister. When she is about to start a new job she’ll email her sister to tell her she’s about to start. When it’s done she emails her sister telling her she just finished. She does this for every item on her daily schedule. Sayu says this really helps her sort out things in her mind and makes it easy to keep track of things.

2012-09-15 Reina Time highlights

Host: Reina
Guest: Chisa

Chisa brings up at the beginning of the show that she has gained a little weight again. When they ask her why, she says she just eats too much. She feels like her stomach is never full. However, recently she has been hanging out with Reina a lot because of the summer H!P concert tour. This includes eating meals together backstage. Reina is the type that barely eats, according to Chisa, so when they are together Chisa paces her eating to match Reina. As a result, Chisa thinks she has lost weight by changing her portions to match Reina. Everyone on the show calls it the “Tanaka Diet”. It’s pretty simple, just eat with Reina.

They move on to more private talk. Recently Chisa and Reina went out to karaoke together. Chisa found out that Reina likes to sing a lot of Scandal songs. Chisa isn’t very familiar with the group but now has gotten in to them a bit because of Reina. Reina found out that Chisa is pretty lazy even at karaoke. When it’s her turn to sing, she quits the song after the 1st chorus. When asked why, Chisa says its a hassle to sing longer than that – good thing she doesn’t do this for a living. Oh wait…

Everyone tells her if she weren’t an idol she would probably be a NEET. Chisa says that Tsunku is always telling her “If you weren’t in H!P your lifestyle would probably be pretty bad”. Time Machine asks her to explain, for example what does she do on her days off? Chisa says she sleeps all day. A typical day would be she wakes up at 8am and realizes everyone in her family is already off to work or school. She goes back to sleep and then wakes up around noon. She still wants to sleep more so she goes back to sleep and wakes up around 4pm. She says this type of schedule is pretty common for her.