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2012-08-19 Riho Deli highlights

Riho starts off the show with how summer is half way over and she is not close to finishing her homework. What is worse is that she is heading off to Hawaii at the end of August for the FC tour and most likely it is not going to be finished by then. She says last year she brought her homework to Hawaii but the trip was so fun she didn’t get any homework done. Deli-kun says that if she doesn’t finish her homework by the time she leaves for Hawaii, her manager should not let her go on the trip.

Speaking of outings, after one of the rehearsals for this summer’s H!P con, Mizuki, Zukki, Kanana, Ma-chan and Riho went out to a shopping mall to hang out. They went to the game center there as well as checked out a few shops. Midway through, Ma-chan told everyone “Hey I need to go shop for a birthday gift for my sister so you guys go on ahead”. 2 hours later Ma-chan still had not returned so they started to worry. They tried calling her but they got the message “The person you are trying to call does not have reception”. Deli-kun wonders where the heck Ma-chan went. Kanana and Riho went to look for her but could not find her. Riho had a recording session to go to so Kanana volunteered to stay behind to look for her. Riho was worried the entire recording session. In the end, Kanana found her but apparently Ma-chan came back empty handed and couldn’t find the right gift to buy. Everyone gave a big sigh to that. Deli-kun suggests that Ma-chan should never be left alone again. Riho said she thought Ma-chan could take care of herself at first, but now agrees that Ma-chan needs a chaperone at all times.

2012-08-19 Nakky’s Cute Hour highlights

On the 8/18 episode of MM Gakuin, Mizuki said at the end of the show that she really likes Nakky’s mole that is right next to her belly button. On today’s episode, Nakky addresses that and says she heard about this statement. Next time she sees Mizuki, Nakky says she’ll be really embarrassed. Her stylist has told her this before as well but it’s really embarrassing, way more than coming from the other C-ute members. Also, Nakky is really bad at talking with her kouhais, she never knows how to get a good conversation going with them.

After the Nagoya H!P con, everyone went out to teppan yaki for dinner. The staff told all the girls “Sit where ever you want”. Nakky ended up with Fukuda Kanon in front of her, Reina to her right, and Daishi to her left. Nakky thought to herself “I talk with Kanon and Reina all the time so I should use this chance to get to know Ishida-chan”. As it turns out, Nakky could never get a conversation going beyond short bits like “Food is ready” and “Here’s the plate” etc. Afterwards, everyone started to shuffle around and Airi came over to Nakky’s seat. Nakky thought “Oh yay Airi is coming over”, but Airi ended up immediately chatting away with Daishi. Nakky spent most of her time talking with Reina. However, Sayu was also nearby and Nakky says Reina and Sayu were non stop talking to each other. Nakky hopes to be able to chat more with Reina in the future.

2012-08-20 Konya mo Usachan peace highlights

A listener writes in to tell Sayu that there was an idol a while ago that spent 100,000,000 yen on insurance for her legs and breasts because they were so important to her. He asks Sayu if she had that much to spend on insurance, what part of her body would she get insured?

Sayu had never heard of this idol insurance story and she doesn’t get the point of doing so. In her mind, if you got injured the only thing you would get money back for is whatever hospital and medical fees it costs repair the damage. Recently, she’s been comparing herself to all the new girls on things like firmness of skin, hair quality, and figure and doesn’t really feel like she is worth insuring. As a 23 year old, she thinks she is fine by herself, but when she’s next to the other girls in MM she gets a little panicky and self-conscious. Sayu thinks she needs to focus on body maintenance now by doing things like – if the younger girls are wearing sunscreen, Sayu needs to put on extra extra sunscreen lol.

Another listener writes in to say he heard about Iikubo changing member colors. He says it is too bad because he liked chocolate for Iikubo but he wonders what Sayu’s thoughts are.

Sayu agrees with the listener. She thought it was amazing what Iikubo did with her member color. She had just joined and was told her member color would be brown. As an idol, that obviously doesn’t fit the image but Iikubo was able to spin it to “chocolate” and make that part of her character. Sayu thinks it’ll be sad to see chocolate go but she is sure that Iikubo will figure out some way to make honey highlight something new and awesome about her.

Towards the end of the show, Sayu brings up how Eripon is always saying “Ah I love Niigaki-san so much!” to her. Sayu never knows how to respond, especially since Gaki isn’t even there anymore! She says stuff like “Oh, why don’t you email her then?” but then Eripon responds “I already do, every day.” Then Sayu goes “Oh…..” and gets stuck on thinking what more can Eripon do. She’ll then suggest Eripon try to meet up with Gaki by saying something like “Oh why don’t you go check out her new play?” but then Eripon responds with “I already have plans to go!” and Sayu will be back to “Oh…. ”

2012-08-26 Nakky’s Cute Hour highlights

Guest: Airi

As a follow up from the previous episode, Airi happens to be a guest on today’s ep so Nakky takes this chance to ask her about talking with kouhais. She asks Airi straight up what is the best way to get a conversation going with them? Airi says she doesn’t really think of the new girls as “kouhais” because they are so close age-wise. Iikubo for example is the same age and Daishi is only 2 years younger. Maybe that is why Nakky is running into problems. Nakky agrees but says that when the girls come up to her and starts using honorific Japanese the conversation usually ends up really awkward. Airi runs into the same problem as well. When that happens she wants to tell the girls to stop and just talk casually because it forces herself to start using honorifics too. Airi says she has always been a sociable person, for example in elementary school she’d always be first to approach people to make new friends. Nakky was the opposite and was really shy in elementary school.

Towards the end of the show Nakky shares with us that she finally got to exchange emails with Iikubo and Daishi. She has been saying on her radio show how she really wants to swap contact info but never knows how to ask. As it turns out, right as everyone was about to head home from work one day, Iikubo stopped Nakky and said “Hey, would you like to swap email addresses?” Nakky responded with “Sure” but in her mind was thinking “Yay I finally got it!!”