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In this episode of Konya mo TKMR we are joined by magatsu as we look at all the happenings that took place over the past week. We start off by talking about a fan organized flash mob in Fukuoka for the Berryz cha cha Sing single. The event is scheduled to take place August 12th at noon and will be recorded and uploaded to youtube at a later date. We move on to talk about a sudden scare yesterday at the Hello Project summer concert. A blog entry from Fukuda Kanon coupled with a tweet from Tsunku created a brief anxiety wave on 2ch as people wondered if a big announcement was coming up. We then cover a blog mishap between Cute and Up Up girls and the recent Berryz B side PV. We finish the news with a Satoyama invasion of the summer Hello con. In our main discussion, we looked at all of the past applicants for MM 9th, 10th and Smileage 2nd gen and see what they are currently up to.

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Konya mo TKMR Episode 38

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