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This week we are joined by Omari as we discuss two topics: the future of Karin in Hello Project and Michishige Sayumi as the new leader of Morning Musume. In our first topic, we discuss the state of current Karin wotas and their anxiety over what lies ahead for their idol. Many of the wotas have been discussing what is the best path for Karin and how to make use of her within Hello Project to avoid wasting all of her Egg training. We discuss possible options for Karin including joining Smileage, Morning Musume, Up Up Girls, Reina band, and a solo career. We then move on to look at how Sayu as taken over as leader of Morning Musume and all the work she has done behind the scenes. By looking at reports from Morning Musume OG as well as recent TV show appearances, we break down the recent work activity of Sayu and how she is choosing to run Morning Musume as the new leader.

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