Niigaki-san, congratulations on your graduation. To the 10th gen, you are our very first leader and a senpai who we respect very much. You are a person who prioritizes everyone else over yourself and I love you for that. I will continue working hard to hopefully become a loveable joker and the next Niigaki-san, just like you told me. I’m going to work hard so that when you see the new Morning Musume you’ll say “Wow Kudou is really amazing now, she’s grown so much”. Niigaki-san, thank you for everything up til now! I love you!

For us 10th gen members, we have only been together for half a year, but it has been really really fun. Especially when the 10th gen are having a fight and you come over to me and say “Satou, I know you can do it. You’ll be fine” It really cheered me up. Your graduation is really sad for me but please continue to watch over us. Thank you for everything up til now and congratulations on your graduation! I love you!

Niigaki-san, congratulations on your graduation. My strongest memory of you was when I made some mistakes and was really bummed out about it… and you sent me emails saying “Don’t let it bother you so much”. After that, the bad feelings just kind of left me and I was able to really enjoy everything. You then told me “Feel free to mail me any time” but honestly I didn’t mail you that much. For me, just those words were enough and I knew that I would be okay if I followed you. Whenever I ran into tough times, I just thought of those words and it really eased my mind. Even after you graduate, please continue to accept my mails! Thank you for everything up til now! I love you!

Niigaki-san, we’ve only been able to spend a short half a year together, but I am really glad to have you as my leader. You were always so thoughtful of the other members, the staff, and the fans. You would always tell us “Everything will be okay” in tough times. Whenever I was struggling with the dance, you came over during our breaks and practiced with me. Niigaki-san, your smile is like the sun and I don’t really understand how but it always cheers me up. Sometimes I would do stupid things just to see that smile. I would mess up my gag most of the time but you still laughed and smiled and that made me so happy. Thank you for everything up til now! I love you!

Niigaki-san, congratulations on your graduation. I’d like to share my fondest memory. After I joined Morning Musume, on our first Spring concert tour last year, we performed the song Suki na Senpai and you were the one who taught me the dance. I’m really slow with learning the dances and learning the proper positions on stage… Out of the 9th gen, I am probably the least competent… but even with all that you came up to me and said “Everyone is like that at the start, don’t worry”. I didn’t really think of it at the time because everything was so hectic, but now that I think back, those words really saved me. I’ll never forget those words you gave me so please don’t forget me! Niigaki-san thank you for everything up til now! I love you!

Niigaki-san, congratulations on your graduation. When I first joined Morning Musume as a 9th gen member, I was really shy. I really only talked with the other 9th gen girls at first… I guess I kind of had a shell over me or something. But when I look at how open I am now, I think it was all because of you Niigaki-san. Whenever I talk to adults I still get nervous but you were always there to watch over me. You always called me “Sayashi” but one time you accidentally called me “Yasushi” and that was really surprising. It’s really sad to have that mother/older sister figure of Morning Musume graduate, but I will be sure to appreciate everything you left behind. It’s sad but I’ll work hard to become someone who can lead the 9th, 10th and 11th gen girls after this. I’ll work hard to keep up with the Morning Musume you have watched over for so long. Thank you for everything up til now! Congratulations on your graduation! I love you!

Niigaki-san, congratulations on your graduation. The first time I said I was a Niigaki-fan was when I saw you play Jeanne d’Arc in the Reborn Inochi no Audition musical. I started off my fan-ness by collecting pics of you and have gone as far as to go on your bus tour… for the (Joshi) Kashimashi song lyrics, I get to sing the words “Is it okay if I love you too much?” and I think I’m the only one who can say that. Even after this, I will continue to be a super ultra hardcore Niigaki-fan forever. I hope to expand on how I can continue to support you and do my best as the kaicho (president – joke from Gaki bus tour). Since you’ll be graduating, that means that there will no longer be green in Morning Musume. If I were to inherit your green, I would make sure to forever preserve your love of Morning Musume. Gaki-san I love you so much! I love you! I love you! I love you the most in the world!

Niigaki-san, congratulations on your graduation. We never thought Morning Musume would be like this – so many experiences, full of fun times, hard times, and rough times. You always held everything in to put on a strong image for everyone else. I hope to one day become a strong person like you. During this Spring’s bus tour… wait not bus tour! During this Spring tour, when we were traveling on the bus, you, Eripon and I sat at the back of the bus and really got to talk. That was really fun for me. I thought to myself “If only time could stop here”. Normally Eripon has a complete monopoly on you, but when you ask me if I wanted to take a picture together or… well we haven’t talked that much but towards the end we got to talk a lot so I was really happy about that. I have a final request though, it’s been several years but… could you show us your mayuge beam? Thank you! Congratulations on your graduation! I love you!

Niigaki-san, congratulations on your graduation. We have worked together for about 5 years now… when I first joined you worked so hard to teach me things. Thank you for all of that. Before one of our live performances, I was really nervous about everything and… we were on a plane together one time, I was talking to you so much about that and I had no idea I was annoying you. You were really sleepy at the time but I kept going “Niigaki-san~~~” Then after that time we never sat next to each other again… I eventually realized “Ah I must’ve really annoyed Niigaki-san…” but I realized that too late… then one thing led to another and before I realized it many years had passed. Never sitting next to you was kinda sad… but starting last year until today, you have been like a mother to the 11 of us. Thank you very much and congratulations!
Note: It sounds sad in text, but Aika was trying to share a funny story

Niigaki-san, congratulations on your graduation. I know we had a bad relationship in the past… I mean, we really did have about one year in which we didn’t talk at all… but when the 9th gen joined and we started that Reborn musical together, we were the only 2 senpais members and I thought “If I don’t start talking to Gaki-san we probably aren’t going to make much progress in this musical…” so I challenged myself… but we still weren’t really getting along at that time and I’d take one step forward but then I’ll pull back into my shell. I kept thinking to myself “At this rate we aren’t going to make it to opening day though…” so I was like “I need to grow up” and I think I did and the musical turned out fine. Now I regret the past because I think to myself “I should have made up with Gaki-san sooner, everything would have been more fun then”. But I think that it’s great we settled everything and you are able to graduate like this. Congratulations on your graduation and thanks for your hard work!

I have so many memories of Gaki-san. They are almost all about fun times full of laughter – laughing so much that it made your stomach hurt. We really had some good times. Gaki-san, you are always smiling. Even when you were thinking about your graduation or after it had been decided and you were thinking about how lonely it would be… Maybe you were crying when you were alone but when you were near us you always put on a smile. That’s why, whenever I am near you, you always cheer me up. Whenever I made mistakes, you wouldn’t just scold me. You believed in me and waited patiently for me to get it right. I’m really thankful for that. It feels great to have such a good friend. We will continue to work hard on the Morning Musume you love so please watch over us. Congratulations on your graduation!