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The Vampire Stories series are two movies featuring Morning Musume’s Tanaka Reina and C-ute’s Suzuki Airi. While both movies are technically independent films, they both are telling the same story but from different points of view. The opening sequence is the same for both movies, but both films then diverge to chronicle the events from Airi’s and Reina’s viewpoints respectively. Each film incorporates brief story flashes from it’s partner movie which creates a seemless connection between Brothers and Chasers. Although both films are related and are detailing events that occur simultaneously, more time is dedicated in Brothers to describe the background of the main protagonists. Watching either movie alone is doable, but if you plan on watching both I suggest watching Brothers first.

Synopsis for Chasers:

The story begins with Hisako, played by Tanaka Reina, sitting alone while Midori, Sei and a group of friends are enjoying some food at a picnic. Sei tells his friend Shu that it is getting pretty obvious he likes Hisako – he keeps staring at her. Sei tells Shu go to talk to her. Shu makes his way over to Hisako and invites her to get some food along with the rest of the group. Hisako promptly rejects his offer and Shu awkwardly makes his way back to the group. Here, Sei faints and everyone but Hisako rushes to his side. Sei and Midori head home early while the rest of the group moves indoor to a cabin as the night approaches.

Inside the cabin, the group of friends talk about Hisako being a loner and why she even bothered to join today’s outing. Hisako, being in the same room, steps outside. Shu follows behind shortly but is unable to keep up with Hisako. While Shu is outside, he hears his friends screaming from inside the cabin. All of the friends fall victim to Ai sama’s bite. Shortly after, Shu finds himself face to face with Ai sama and is also bitten.

Shu finds himself alive and awake next morning in another cabin. He is greeted by Asagi, another vampire. Asagi explains to Shu that he has been bitten by a vampire and because he survived, is now a vampire himself. However, since he was bitten, he will slowly become a slave to the vampire that bit him unless Shu can kill that vampire within 1 week. Asagi agrees to help Shu accomplish his goal but for now Shu needs to rest and recover his energy.

After a little rest, Asagi takes Shu back to the cabin they were attacked at. They find the scene to be swarming with police. Asagi uses his teleportation powers to search the cabin while avoiding contact with the police. Here, Asagi notices the scent of another vampire and asks Shu if he was attacked by multiple vampires. As far as Shu can remember, there was only one. Asagi is confident there is another vampire out there.

As they head back to Asagi’s cabin, they stop by a convenience store where Asagi picks up several cloves of garlic. He begins to eat them raw and tells Shu to have some as well. He explains that originally vampires only needed blood as nurishment but the garlic is very useful in masking the scent of a vampire. Asagi explains that vampires have an incredible sense of smell, similar to dogs. Shu takes a bite of garlic and is shocked to find that it doesn’t taste that bad. Asagi tells Shu that while their sense of smell is heightened, their sense of taste is severely dulled.

Asagi decides to take a nap and asks Shu if he can drive the rest of the way home. Shu says it is not a problem. A while later, Asagi wakes up to find himself back in front of the original cabin Shu was attacked at. Asagi demands to know what is going on and Shu admits he has never driven without GPS so this is the only place he remembers where to go.

The next day Asagi wakes up to the scent of another vampire. He warns Shu to be on alert. While driving around town, they spot Hisako standing alone on the street. They pull over and Shu tells Hisako that it is great to see she is okay. Hisako replies that she isn’t exactly okay and Shu spots vampire marks in her neck. Asagi confirms the vampire scent from earlier was Hisako while they fill Hisako in on the vampire situation. Shu notices that Hisako is a lot friendlier than before but thinks nothing more of it.

While in the car, both Shu and Hisako see a vision. Asagi explains this happens as a result of their connection with the vampire that bit them. They will be able to share what they see until this bond is broken. They decide to use this opportunity to hunt down Ai. Since Hisako’s vision was clearer than Shu’s, Hisako leads the group to an abandoned warehouse. Here they are ambushed by vampire minions but they are no match for Asagi.

The next day, Asagi accuses Hisako of leading them into last night’s trap. He believes she is working for Ai sama. Hisako hides behind Shu for help and Shu defends Hisako. Asagi realizes he cannot reason with Shu and they part ways. Hisako eventually leads Shu to Ai sama’s hideout where Hisako incapacitates him and handcuffs Shu to the wall. Asagi appears out of nowhere to free Shu and together they prepare for the final battle against Ai sama.

When they reach Ai sama, they find Hisako as well. Ai sama declares he no longer has a use for Hisako and kills her in front of Shu and Asagi. Shu and Asagi fight a losing battle against Ai sama that results in Asagi getting stabbed with his own sword. As Asagi is dying he miraculously regains enough energy to lock down Ai sama in a body hold. Shu takes this cue to stab Ai sama through Asagi, killing both of them at the same time.

After the end credits roll, we fast forward one year after Shu’s fight with Ai sama to see Shu walking past Sei on a bridge. As they pass each other they prepare to fight and the scene cuts to black.