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The Vampire Stories series are two movies featuring Morning Musume’s Tanaka Reina and C-ute’s Suzuki Airi. While both movies are technically independent films, they both are telling the same story but from different points of view. The opening sequence is the same for both movies, but both films then diverge to chronicle the events from Airi’s and Reina’s viewpoints respectively. Each film incorporates brief story flashes from it’s partner movie which creates a seemless connection between Brothers and Chasers. Although both films are related and are detailing events that occur simultaneously, more time is dedicated in Brothers to describe the background of the main protagonists. Watching either movie alone is doable, but if you plan on watching both I suggest watching Brothers first.

There is a small thing I would like to mention, and that is that I’m a huge vampire fan. So I had my hopes up for these movies quite a bit. Especially since it had 2 Hello!project members in it as well. Unfortunately I got let down by the always lovely directors that feel the need to screw around with the vampire lore.

Synopsis for Brothers:

Midori, played by Suzuki Airi, and her older step-brother Sei are having a picnic with Sei’s college friends. In the middle of the picnic, Sei collapses to the ground and faints. After regaining consciousness, Midori decides it is in the best interest of Sei’s health to take him home. On the bus ride home there is a flashback to when Sei and Airi first meet. Sei and his biological older brother Ai met Midori in a Brady Bunch situation – two single parents each with children joined together to make a large family. On Ai’s 20th birthday, Sei stumbles upon Ai in his room covered in blood. Ai yells at Sei to not look and by the time Sei opens his eyes again, Ai is gone.

It is now five years later and Ai is still nowhere to be found. Midori and Sei still live in the same home while both their parents have moved overseas for work. It is a week before Sei’s 20th birthday and the morning after he fainted at the picnic. Sei wakes up to a TV news program reporting that his friends were found dead at the site of yesterday’s picnic. Both Midori and Sei are immediately questioned by the police, but the investigation ends uneventfully. After they get back home, they are mysteriously met by Ai, who has returned after no contact in the past 5 years. He ends up moving back into the house and Midori is extremely excited to have the whole family back together right before Sei’s 20th birthday.

At this point, Sei begins to experience weird sensations and unexplainable cravings. Sei steps out for some air after fighting desires to bite Midori in the neck (I know that feeling =D) and stumbles upon Ai fighting a vampire halfling. Ai reveals to Sei that they are both born from a lineage of vampires and it is at Sei’s 20th birthday where he will awaken as a full vampire. This reason was why Ai left 5 years ago on his own 20th birthday. Ai informs Sei that as a vampire he must drink human blood or else he will die. After many confrontations, Sei tells Ai he would rather die as a human than murder as a vampire.

On Sei’s 20th birthday, Ai decides to force the issue by kidnapping Midori. Sei tracks down Ai and orders him to let Midori go. Ai tells Sei he has told Midori everything about their vampire background and Midori selflessly offers herself to Sei. Sei refuses to drink Midori’s blood and proceeds to leave. Ai decides to take issues into his own hand and kills Midori in front of Sei. He tells Sei that if he drinks Midori’s blood, she will also turn into a vampire and live. With no other option, Sei bites into Midori’s neck. Midori wakes up to say a few last words to Sei and then dies again. Ai forgot to mention that a person bitten by a vampire is not guaranteed to survive, but it is possible based on various compatibility factors. Ai now invites Sei to join him as vampire brothers but Sei refuses and abandons Ai just as Ai did to Sei 5 years ago.