Note: Not a lot of radio this week, the shows were incredibly boring – hope next week is more interesting

2012-02-11 Konya mo Usachan peace highlights

Sayu opens up the show by talking about the recent Morning Labo fan club events that had just passed. As you know, it has become an annual FC event where they put on some type of performance. Last year, all the girls did a pantomime act and a jump rope act. This year there is a juggling act and a magic trick act.

At last year’s Morning Labo, the 9th gen had just joined Morning Musume but they were able to act out the pantomime better than Sayu (according to Sayu). That looked kinda bad for Sayu so she wanted to make it up this year. Unfortunately, she was put in the juggling team this year (the girls are split into two groups) so she had to learn how to juggle. The problem is, she hates balls – she is scared of them. The goal is to juggle 3 balls at once, which for her is a big deal, so she decided to take it slow and start by practicing on juggling bean bags. Starting with 3 seemed pretty hard so she decided to just try 2 bags at once and figured it would be easy. She couldn’t do it. She then figured to just try 1. She couldn’t do that either! Her biggest obstacle was throwing the bags high enough in the air. She was scared of throwing them too high and then catching them on the way down.

She didn’t want to fail again so she got into hard core training mode to get this juggling down. Her partner for this act, by the way, was 10th gen Kudou Haruka. While rehearsals were progressing, one day they had a conversation that went like this:

Haruka: Michishige-san, have you gotten it down yet?
Sayu: No, not yet!
Haruka: Oh… you know I was able to do it 3 times yesterday at home!
Sayu: What!? Really!? Noooo, stop practicing! You can’t master it before I do~!

This got Sayu into clutch mode so she went online to look for guides or tricks on how to juggle. She found some videos of a foreigner juggling and showing the best techniques to use. However, those videos didn’t help her at all. In the end she was kind of able to do it and overall is happy with out the FC event turned out.

2012-02-14 Risa’s NightHouse highlights

Guests: Nakky, Maimai

Gaki opens the show by talking about the upcoming Spring concert tour. She has been with MM for 12 years already and has seen her fair share of concerts but opening nights is something she says you can never get used to. She still gets nervous, but it’s a good jittery feeling. With all the new kouhais now, she imagines they must be even more nervous than her.

Gaki gets an email from a listener asking for more information about the time she played hide-and-seek with Satou Masaki. Apparently it was after an event and everyone had left except for Maachan and Gaki (and odd pair to be left in the dressing room). Maachan asked Gaki if she would play hide-and-seek. The dressing room isn’t really that big and there was just the two of them but Gaki went along with it anyway. Gaki was obviously the seeker and she says that Maachan was really bad at hiding because she chose to hide behind something but there was a mirror nearby that reflected her position.

Gaki reads another email asking about her peculiar nicknames for MM members, he asks for more info. Here is a quick breakdown:
Reina -> Tanakacchi
Sayu -> Sayuske
Riho -> Yasushi
* comes from when Tsunku messed up Riho’s nickname one time and the internet ran with it as a huge joke. Gaki confirmed to read 2ch XD
Satou -> Maa

Nakky and Maimai join the show and Gaki asks them about Suugaku Joshi Gakuen. They talk about how all of the C-ute girls make an appearing in this drama (unlike Berryz) and talk about each of their characters. From the sound of it, Gaki’s segment was filmed separately such that she doesn’t even know Maimi’s character (a re-occurring one). She seemed surprised when Nakky and Maimai described Maimi and Airi’s characters.

Nakky and Maimai talk about their upcoming Spring concert tour. Last fall they had a joint concert tour with Berryz and were thinking something similar may happen again this Spring. However, with the release of their new album, they have a solo tour once again focusing mainly on those album songs. Nakky is nervous she may get to sing her solo song on the tour.


Guests: Maimi, Nakky

For background reference one of the two hosts in this show is a big H!P fan.

The two hosts asks Maimi and Nakky about their newly released album. Maimi and Nakky say that usually you get to see a lot of variety in terms of song genre in albums but this time the range of genres is incredibly large. There are a lot of ballads in this album that are not what you would normally hear from C-ute.

The H!P fan host talks about how when he goes to concerts he notices C-ute’s dancing ability. Maimi and Nakky go on to tell them C-ute has been called the dance specialist group in H!P. With their new concert tour coming up, they will most likely be doing dances for these new album songs. The choreography has not been decided yet so they are looking forward to how it’ll turn out.

Maimi goes on to say that H!P is a huge group of girls and everyone is always helping each other. The girls give advice to each other on how to better themselves. The H!P fan host asks Maimi for an example and Maimi says that Nakky has told her she is often too serious. She has been advised to ease up a little more.