2011-11-27 Riho Deli Highlights

Rihoriho begins the show talking about how she has final exams coming up. Deli-kun asks her how studies are going and she admits not good. Lately with science class, she no longer understands what her teacher is saying 😀 She says the teacher does her best to explain it in simple terms for but it still makes no sense to her. On one of the exams there was a graph they had to analyze and Rihoriho had never seen it before so she had no idea what to do. Deli-kun thinks she just forgot what the graph was about. Rihoriho says she double-checked her notes and that graph wasn’t in her notes. Deli-kun then suggests she probably fell asleep in class during that part of the lecture. Rihoriho is like “Nooo…. well… I don’t think so….”

When it comes to math, however, Rihoriho really likes that. She thinks doing the problem solving questions are fun. Rihoriho was talking to her friends about studying for finals and they were all “Oh it’s rough, I’ve been only getting 6 hours of sleep”. This made Rihoriho feel guilty because she has been getting 9 hours of sleep. Perhaps she should study harder XD

2011-12-04 Riho Deli Highlights

Rihoriho has her first guest ever for her show and it is none other than fellow 9ki Suzuki Kanon!

As the year is winding down, they go over a lot of topics that recap what the past year has been like for them as MM members.

Towards the end of the show they get on to the topic of what was the biggest thing they went through that year. Rihoriho starts off with “Having to go through the training camp during the audition”. As you have seen from Hello Pro Time, the training camp portion of the audition requires that all the girls spend a few nights at a dorm where they undergo intense vocal/dance lessons before the final performance and decision is made.

For Rihoriho, this was incredibly rough for her since it was the first time she was separated from her family. She was pretty much on her own for those few days and that was very scary for her. Although she had to concentrate on the audition, in the back of her mind the entire time she was thinking about wanting to see her mom and dad. She tells us that sleeping alone was something she had never done before. When she is at home, she usually sleeps together with her younger brother or sister. She says that those nights were so rough it was like she was spending the nights out in a jungle alone by herself. <- cutest statement ever by the way.

It even continued after the training camp when they started their first MM concert tour. When they went outside of Tokyo, the girls would have their own hotel rooms and it would be hard for Rihoriho to sleep at night. During the tours, however, Rihoriho shared a room with Zukki and at night Rihoriho would crawl into Zukki's bed and ask if they could sleep together. Zukki was like "why can't you sleep in your own bed…". Since then, however, Zukki says that Rihoriho hasn't done it lately so maybe she is growing up a bit.

Throughout all of this, Rihoriho found out that Zukki is also a bit of a neat-freak. It annoyed Zukki whenever Rihoriho sat on Zukki's bed. Zukki's reasoning is that for someone else to sit on your bed after having been in the same clothes all day just seems kind of dirty. Rihoriho (and I'm sure all of us as well) found this quite shocking.

2011-12-10 Konya mo Usachan peace highlights

In the email corner, a listener writes in to ask Sayu about her thoughts about the upcoming Yuuka graduation. Sayu says that it was a huge shock to her. With everything that had just happened to Smileage (Sakichi recently leaving, new members coming in) Sayu was thinking that this would be a time for Smileage to stabilize. Sayu feels that Yuuka plays a very huge role in Smileage as well as Hello! Project, so much so that she likens it to “the Aichan of MM”. With Yuuka leaving, Sayu thinks that this will leave H!P with a great deal of uncertainty for the future.

Sayu got the news when Smileage’s manager sent her an email about it. Sayu at the time was eating and when she heard the news immediately lost her appetite. It was an incredible shock for her. At the same time, she was aware that Yuuka made this decision on her own accord so she respected that and hoped for the best in Smileage’s future.

Later on in a game corner Sayu is talking about Eripon and Fukuchan and how much they love Morning Musume. She remembers Fukuchan talking about 10th gen member Iikubo and how Iikubo happens to be a very big Sayu fan. Fukuchan told Sayu that Iikubo keeps saying she loves Sayu a lot. This made Fukuchan go “Nooo~ She’s going to take you away from me~”. Sayu was flattered by this but at the same time was thinking “Wait, when did I become just another one of your possessions?” lol. Also, Sayu was a bit confused because Fukuchan was a really big Eri fan. She didn’t say anything but she assumes that Fukuchan has now moved on from Eri to Sayu – which she is fine with

2011-12-11 Riho Deli Highlights

Zukki is again a guest for this week’s show!

Rihoriho begins the show with something she needs to get off her chest in regards to Zukki – since she happens to be a guest today. A little while ago Rihoriho, Zukki and Fukuchan had a day off from work but Eripon was still working (so most likely an Oha Star day) and it turns out that Zukki and Fukuchan had a mini date together and did not invite Rihoriho. Rihoriho starts to sound sad/jealous that neither Zukki or Fukuchan asked Rihoriho to come along.

Here Zukki says she too has something to say about this incident. She asks Rihoriho “How late do you normally sleep in on your days off?” Rihoriho says “About 10am or so”. Deli-kun then asks Zukki “What about on this day then? When did you leave? When did you wake up? Zukki tells everyone she woke up at 7am that day (ON A DAY OFF?!?) and left the house at 10.

Rihoriho had emailed Zukki asking if she wanted to hang out when she woke up that day but Zukki responded that she was already out in Ueno. Zukki, however, did not mention she was with Fukuchan. Rihoriho found out later at work when both girls were talking about how fun that day was and Rihoriho was like “What!? No way!”

Zukki says that she knows Rihoriho likes to sleep in on her days off and thought it would be rude to wake her up and invite her out. Rihoriho is not happy with this excuse. Deli-kun, as the moderator for this argument, declares that Zukki is not at fault here. She was being considerate in not waking up Rihoriho.

When Rihoriho found out Zukki was already out, she didn’t want to lose to Zukki so she went out to Harajuku by herself to do some shopping XD Deli-kun says that’s quite sad lol.

Deli-kun asks Zukki how Ueno was and Zukki says that the kebabs were pretty good there. Rihoriho says oddly enough she also had kebab when she was in Harajuku. XD Zukki thinks they have a deep connection. Deli-kun says they should plan an outing together then and Zukki thinks that is a great idea. Deli-kun then reminds Zukki that Rihoriho likes to sleep in and Zukki immediately drops the idea. Rihoriho wants Zukki to give her a wake up call but Zukki says that’s a hassle. They decide on their next day off to meet up at 10am to go out. Deli-kun asks Rihoriho if she can get up that early, and Rihoriho mutters a weak “Uh… sure…” Zukki gives in and says she’ll give Rihoriho a wake up call.

2011-12-13 Risa’s NightHouse highlights

Guests: Ayacho & Kanyon

Gaki talks about finishing up her play, Sanada Juyushi, that has kept her incredibly busy for the past few weeks. During this time she was so focused on the play that she didn’t have time to see the other MM girls much. It also didn’t help that the other girls have been busy themselves (Sayu/Reina on their drama, 9th/10th gen with lessons). It eventually got to the point, however, where Gaki started to miss seeing the girls very much. So much so that at home she would watch old MM DVD magazines just so she could see them again and hear them laugh etc. With the upcoming New Years concert tour and then their spring tour shortly after, she knows that dance rehearsals will be starting up again so she is looking forward to meeting up with everyone. She wonders what everyone has been doing since they last met.

Ayacho and Kanyon make the first paired guest appearance on Gaki’s radio show. All guests before this show had always come as a solo. Since Ayacho is the leader of Smileage, Gaki asked her to give the listeners a breakdown of the new Smileage girls. Here is how Ayacho and Kanyon describe the new girls:

Kanana: She is a very friendly girl but also very quirky. She likes to follow people around – and Gaki had first-hand experience with this which kind of freaked her out a little bit. She also does not have the same concept of personal space that the rest of the girls have. One time she was following Gaki around when Gaki started to write a text on her phone. Kanana asked what Gaki was writing and tried to look herself. Gaki was like “You know, you could just ask”. Kanyon also says that Kanana has taken her phone, opened it and started to read her texts/emails. On top of that, Kanana somehow knew Kanyon’s lock code for her phone :O Everyone is scared.

Takechan: She is a girl that really hates to lose, even in trivial matters. For example, if someone is talking about a particular topic, she will butt in to say “I knew that too” or “Oh yeah, but…” and try to make every conversation a competition about knowing something.

Rinapu: In Eggs, everyone saw her as the cool girl and nicknamed her urabanchou (behind the scenes leader). Ayacho says she is quite a reliable girl and since she was in Eggs with Kanyon and herself, they know her very well.

Meimei: She is a middle schooler but acts like a little kid still. Ayacho and Kanyon think her behavior is the perfect example of what it means to act like a kid. After dance lessons, since it gets hot Ayacho says Meimei just takes her clothes off in the dressing room. Ayacho says she still covers herself but still it’s weird and the other girls tell her to stop. Gaki thinks she is a hentai.