It’s Thursday! Let’s get down to business!

This week’s guests are…

Gaki and Reina! And…? an empty seat?

That’s okay, Reina gets 2 seats.

No, just kidding!

Aika’s revival has begun! Everyone has a short reunion celebration before the show gets started. Sayu says Aika hasn’t changed at all. Aika says she can walk fine now (although I don’t quite believe her). She takes a few steps to show us. At least she isn’t wearing a cast anymore. They start off with a fan email asking them what they think of MM now. This year, with the 9th and 10th gen, 8 new girls have been added and the fan wants to know how the senpais feel about the current situation. The senpais say that the new girls have a lot of focus right now. I suppose that is expected. During interviews for magazines/TV/etc, the questions are primarily “What do you think about the 9th/10th gen?”.

They get to talking about 9th/10th gen and in particular Haruka because Gaki/Reina worked together with her during the Reborn play. Reina thinks that Haruka looks down on the 9th gen (jokingly, basically Haruka doesn’t have a senpai fear/respect thing for the 9th gen). Reina says that Haruka will go up to the 9th gen and straight out say “Yo I’m borrowing this” and just take whatever she needs. Aika thinks that she is just more comfortable since she has been in Eggs and with the company a lot longer so she doesn’t feel as “new” of a member as say Eripon or Rihoriho. Reina points out that Haruka’s way of speaking is very casual with the 9th gen and does not use honorifics much.

Gaki thinks that when the 10th gen joined, the 9th gen really changed a lot. She thinks that the 9th gen probably thought to themselves “We need to grow up now, we are senpais now”. Gaki says the 9th gen really picked up on the changes going on and matured quickly in a good way.

Sayu asks Aika what she thinks and Aika responds by saying she doesn’t really know the 10th gen very well. She has only been in contact with them twice. Sayu gets a lot of her information from Hello Pro Time, she says it’s kinda like learning alongside the fans. I guess she doesn’t interact with them much either.

Sayu reads another fan email asking how the 9th and 10th gen get along with each other. They talk about Iikubo being older than the 9th gen girls but technically a kouhai. Aika says she knows how the 9th gen feels because it was the same for her when Junjun and Linlin joined. Gaki says currently the 9th and 10th gen are polite/formal to each other (well Iikubo in particular). They conclude that it’s not a big deal in the end and may actually be a good thing but Sayu throws in at the end “Yeah, but our real problem is Satou” lol

Apparently Satou doesn’t use honorific speech at all to anyone, or at least not in the beginning. Someone taught her about proper mannerisms at work but she still didn’t quite get it and Gaki says that Satou now uses honorifics to everyone (including her fellow 10th gen lol). All the girls think Satou must not know what the point of honorifics is. The one exception is when it comes to Haruka, she says Kuduu-san instead of Kudou-san. Satou’s reasoning, apparently, is that they are close in age. That girl has the weirdest logic.

Reina has a story to share because she scolded Satou once already lol. So the 10th gen girls were lining up to greet the staff members one day and as the staff members were walking by, the girls turned their heads to say hello while walking. As you’re doing this, however, Reina says you normally keep an eye out in front as well as to not bump into anything while walking. Satou, apparently, does not. When she bumped into Reina the first time, Reina thought “Ah well she’s just a kid”. But then it happened again Reina turned around and was like “Hey, watch it! How many times are you going to walk into me! Pay attention to your surroundings!” to which Satou replied “Oh I didn’t see you”. Gaki saw this whole thing as well and the first time when Satou bumped into Reina and Reina didn’t get mad, Gaki thought to herself “Wow Reina has really grown up” and she was really touched. But when she saw it happen again and Reina exploded on Satou, Gaki was like “Ahh that’s the Reina I know”

Sayu’s experience with Satou is that she doesn’t quite get how things work yet. The basic 3 phrases you’ll use in Satou’s situation daily are
1. Ohayou gozaimasu (good morning)
2. Otsukaresama desu (standard etiquette said at the end of the job/day)
3. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu (said at the beginning of the job).
When Satou sees Sayu, she’ll sputter out all 3 because she isn’t sure which one to use. Sayu says it sounds like

“Otsukare.. oops! Ohayo… no oops! yoroshiku onegaishimasu!”

Reina thinks she wasn’t that bad when she was Satou’s age.

Sayu reads the next mail about Aichan leaving/10th gen joining and having more chances to talk to people but Sayu spins it into “Well actually when Eri/Jun/Lin graduated last year, I actually started talking to you guys (Gaki/Reina/Aika) a lot more (because Eri was no longer around)” They talk about how what they talk about hasn’t really changed, but the mood/atmosphere between them as gotten much more friendly. Gaki reminds them that for a while they were only 5 members too so they were pretty close then. Sayu wonders who the 5th was because she can only think of the 4 here present right now. Gaki says AICHAN!! Sayu…

Aika thinks it started around the Halloween party they had for Eri/Jun/Lin. Sayu remembers Aika having so much fun at that party and how she kept saying “I don’t want to go home”. Gaki says that was the first time all of the girls got together in their private time. Aika says she wanted to have one this year again too but everyone’s schedule was all over the place.

And now on to the best corner of the show

The mobekimasu BOX!!

Gaki starts off with… Sugaya Risako!

Gaki says recently she was with Risako and fellow Berryz Chinami and C-ute’s Okai in Nagoya for the Mobekimasu nation wide campaign.

Reina helps us visualize Risako being in the studio with them. Anyway, Gaki went out to dinner (yakiniku) with them and normally for Gaki she starts with a salad and then some beef tongue or roast (non fatty meats). When she went with Risako, Chinami and Chisa, they were like KALBI! KALBI! KALBI! The 3 other girls went through 5 plates of meat and Gaki says they pretty much purely focused on eating and did not talk at all. Afterwards they had some soup and rice as well. At the beginning, Gaki says she was pretty much given the griller role, she cooked the meat and dished them out to the other girls (Gaki mom lol).

Reina says that Risako is quite different off-stage. She acts/speaks very girly, although she is sure her fans probably know about it already. Reina tells Sayu she’s glad she heard Gaki’s meat story about Risako just now because it really was unexpected for Risako’s image. The other girls think Risako has a “barely eat anything” image.

Sayu asks Aika if she has anything to share about Risako. Aika doesn’t have much but they were in Guardians 4 together and during that time Aika noticed Risako has a sense of sex appeal about her. Reina thinks there is a big gap between her voice and her looks. They wonder how such a voice (cutesy) can come from such a mature looking face. Reina thinks she may be a demon XD

Next girl, Reina picks… Nakanishi Kana! Kanananananana

Reina was in the same group with Kanana during the Mobekimasu campaign (in Osaka).

This time Gaki will help us visualize Kanana. Sayu thinks Kanana’s face goes well with Gaki’s outfit today. Anyway, Reina says that Kanana was really nervous at first so she spoke very softly and reserved. But by the end of the 2nd (and last) day of their promotion event, Kanana had warmed up a bit and was talking to Reina about something. After they finished talking, Reina went up to get a drink and Kanana did this…

Reina is acting out Kanana’s position, Gaki is in Reina’s role.

Gaki looks behind her and says “What are you doing???” Reina says “That’s exactly what I was thinking!!!” Reina says that Kanana didn’t say anything at all, she just stood there. Gaki wonders if Kanana was trying to give Reina a hug or something, Reina says no. Reina being the “not good with close contact” type was quite disturbed. Reina finally said “What’s up?” to which Kanana replied “Hehehe nothing” then left.

Sayu tells the girls that Kanana really likes gorillas. Reina says that when they were in Osaka, she saw Kanana’s wallet and it has a clear slip on the outside to hold an ID or card or something. Kanana put a picture of a gorilla’s face in there instead. Reina thinks it is pretty gross. If you want to see her wallet/gorilla pic it is in the 10/28 Osaka morning TV show where Reina’s group had a guest appearance on. Sayu says Kanana loves gorillas just like how Aika loves lions.

Last girl, Aika picks… Hagiwara Mai!

Aika says that she is really good friends with Maimai but they have some pretty silly fights. Like if Aika is talking to Chisa and Maimai sees it, she’ll give Aika the cold shoulder for a bit. Reina thinks they act like a couple. Aika tells Sayu that they have a really friendly/casual relationship where they speak very informally to each other. This surprises Sayu because she feels that Maimai, although the youngest in C-ute, is one of the most proper. Reina says that Maimai really likes to act like a child. When they were in Osaka together, Reina/Maimai/Captain were together a lot and Maimai was always hanging onto Captain’s arms. Reina feels that Maimai isn’t the “can be alone” type. Aika tells Sayu that Maimai also can’t go to the bathroom by herself. Sayu’s reaction “No way! But she’s already 15…” Gaki/Sayu discuss whether it’s because she is just friendly or can’t actually go to the bathroom by herself. Aika says Maimai just really likes to talk.

And that ends the mobekimasu BOX corner

On to our last corner: “What I value is _____ ”

Gaki writes “To not waste time”

She isn’t sure whether it’s because of work or because of other reasons, but Gaki has to make proper use of her time. For example, after coming home from work she will have a list of things she must get done before she goes to sleep. As for her days off, Gaki’s mom will always tell her “You should take it easy, just relax” but Gaki hates idling around like that. On her days off, Gaki likes to schedule out the whole day and make sure that she is doing something all the time. Sayu says that’s quite the opposite of all the other girls. Gaki says that when she oversleeps on her days off she’ll be bummed out because she’ll feel like she wasted part of her day. Sayu and Reina can’t comprehend that concept XD I bet Eri wouldn’t be able to either. Sayu asks what an average Gaki day is like right now. Gaki says that because she is currently rehearsing for a play, she will come home and practice lines but after that she has a set list of fun things she wants to get done (double the fun when its in a list lol). For example if she has a bunch of DVDs she wants to watch, she’ll tell herself “Okay I am going to watch this one and that one today” Sayu derails the whole conversation to whine about how she has troubles with her DVR recording shows when scheduling is off (like TV specials that are longer than the normal time slot) but all the girls can relate because they watch a lot of TV as well.

Reina writes “Always brushing my teeth”

She says that she brushes her teeth very often and all the other girls agree they see her do it a lot. Reina feels like if she has spare time she’ll use it to go brush her teeth. Even when she is out in her private time, she’ll stop to brush her teeth. She says it is refreshing and really lifts up her mood. Sayu wonders if she gets that refreshed feeling from brushing her teeth, doesn’t it go away really fast? Reina says it does with time, or if she eats something afterwards it goes away really fast. Since Reina is so into brushing her teeth, Sayu and Gaki wonder if Reina has any OCD type traits to her brushing, like for example brushing has to be ___ minutes long. Reina says nope. Everyone laughs and Sayu says then why did you pick this topic!? Aika reminds Reina that she gave everyone in MM some weird flavored toothpastes as a gift. Aika got a vanilla flavored one which tasted bad. Sayu got a curry one but she hasn’t tried it, Aika thinks that may be good. Reina’s friend had caramel toothpaste one time and she gave it a try but it was really gross.

Aika writes “Bringing myself happiness through eating good food”

Sayu interrupts Aika really quick to ask everyone this question “Are you guys all idiots?”. Sayu says that all the other girls from the previous episodes have had way better topics. Sayu clarifies that it isn’t the topic in particular, but how they worded it on the paper. Reina says “Well maybe we just suck at phrasing these topics”. In the past episodes when the other girls present their topic Sayu will be very interersted to see what the girls have to say but with these 3, Sayu is like “Okay, Gaki… gotcha, Reina… gotcha, Aika… gotcha” like the topic line says all she needs to know. I think Sayu doesn’t realize how well she knows Gaki/Reina/Aika compared to the other H!P members 😛

Reina says “Fine, redo, I’ll just go with this Always doing ____” so its more mysterious lol (Reina covers up the word “brushing teeth”). Sayu continues to explain that she pretty much understood even if they hadn’t said anything. In the end, the 3 girls admit their topics are a bit self-explanatory but the show continues on anyway.

Aika says “Don’t you guys feel so happy after having one of those catering meals after a rehearsal?”

Sayu interrupts Aika again to say “Wait, you wrote beautiful food (美しいご飯) there, not delicious food (美味しいご飯)”

Everyone laughs at Aika’s mistake.

Gaki says “She took the flavor out!” Joke because taking the 味 out makes “delicious food” become “beautiful food”, and 味 means flavor. Reina says “All of the sudden this has become an interesting topic!” It’s not a straight forward self-explanatory topic anymore! All the girls are impressed by Aika’s clever play on words this whole time (Joke obviously, Aika did not mean to omit 味). Reina goes on to say that she doesn’t really get the whole flavor thing but when Aika says her favorite is karaage (fried chicken) Reina jumps up and goes “Hell yeah! Me too!” Gaki is laughing at the whole thing because at first Reina was like “ahh whatever” but then got really excited when Aika mentioned fried chicken. Reina and Aika are always picking the fried chicken bentous at work and are always talking about how they want to eat it.

Sayu ends the corner here without Aika getting to say too much =(

But we go on to the famous Sayu dance corner, except…?

Sayu tells the other girls about the corner she has had to do for the previous episodes and how she hates it because it is embarrassing. This time, after she has complained enough, the staff has agreed to change the corner a bit to make Sayu happy. The difference this time is… instead of doing something off the top of her head, she has to promote her photobook! Not much of a change, but she’ll take it because it at least gives her a topic to work with. All the girls tell Sayu they have seen her pb and think its very cute.

Sayu: “Want to hear a dumb story about Ikuta?

“She told me her favorite page was this one”

Sayu’s favorite shot from the photobook is this one with the blonde wig.

The other girls have told Sayu they liked this butt shot page. Reina says that’s stupid because you can’t see Sayu’s face, that could be anyone for all we know. Sayu says but the 9kies said they really liked that page. Reina yells at the camera to say that’s a rude thing to say lol.

Before the show ends, Sayu reads a final email. The reader writes “MM has changed quite a bit this year, what parts of MM do you think have changed and have not changed?”

They first discuss what has changed and they all immediately answer “age”. They talk about how the average age of MM dropped so quickly. Sayu brings up “If we think this past year has been full of changes, I can’t even imagine what next year will be like”. Reina adds a scary line “Yeah, I might not even be here. I mean none of us really know.” T_T

Sayu says it is possible that Aika may even become leader all of the sudden. They all talk about how life is scary and how so much can change in 1 year.

On to what has not changed: the fans. Sayu says she knows the fans still love them just as much and their support has not changed. They are all really grateful for that.

Sayu ends the show on that note and after the usual PVs we move into Sayustream.

Sayu says that Gaki/Reina/Aika were guests that she had wanted on her show for a long time. Gaki just recently became the new leader so Sayu wanted to get her input on a lot of different things.

Reina always knows how to enjoy herself and Sayu has a good time working with her so she wanted her on the show as well. Sayu tells us again how she is a very methodical person when it comes to what to say and how to act on a show. Reina, however, says and acts naturally as events happen so Sayu feels like that allows Reina to enjoy work naturally more than anyone else. Sayu has been trying to learn from Reina but she keeps overthinking everything. Sayu knows that when they are doing MCs together and Sayu tells Reina a story, Reina’s reactions are always genuine so when Sayu sees those expressions on Reina’s face it makes her really happy.

As for Aika, she had been out for a while so Sayu wasn’t sure whether or not it was okay to ask the staff if she could be on the show. So up til now, Sayu never mentioned Aika’s name when the staff asked Sayu who she wanted on the next episode. Sayu was really glad that Aika came on today’s show. Yesterday Aika emailed Sayu asking if she was lonely. Sayu at the time was actually thinking about it because recently the MM girls have only really had solo work and not as a group. Sayu thought all day about Aika’s mail and how to respond to it. She was wondering since Aika asked, does that mean she herself is feeling a bit lonely too? Sayu tried to play the cool senpai role again and eventually responded with “No, not really. Are you?” to which Aika responded with ・°・(ノД`)・°・ . Sayu notes that Aika came out very cheerful and positive on today’s show though which impressed Sayu and made her respect how professional Aika can be. Sayu wonders if she was in Aika’s position how would she handle it. She thinks that if she hadn’t seen everyone in a while she would probably be reserved and a bit nervous on her first show back and perhaps not talk much. Aika, however, brought a lot of energy to the show and talked freely – something Sayu appreciated because she thinks it must be hard to come back and immediately get into the rhythm of things again.

Sayu winds down Sayustream with some advertising for the mobekimasu CD and points out that MM got the “Red ranger” role because of their red outfit and that is always a good position to have. At the end, Sayu reminds us that sadly next week is the last episode T_T

That does it for this week, see you next ep!