Didn’t have events these few days, so took this chance to actually be a tourist~

The following will be mostly pictures:


Lots of Ika-chan in Akihabara.


Bought some Wasabeef (Wasabi Beef flavor) chips (Thanks Oshima Maimai), Saki ika (Thanks S/mileage), and some Cheese fish stringy thing just because. All from Don Quixote Akihabara.


Right outside the JR Sobu line, Ochanomizu station, is a fishing pond, where Morning Musume did their TV Tokyo CM back during Nanchatte Renai. I took this picture without getting off the train, was standing in the door way.


Went to Odaiba, nice view of the Rainbow Bridge and their mini version of the Statue of Liberty.


Aqua City and Fuji TV right behind it.


Here’s where Up Up Girls did some of their “Odotte mita” videos posted on Nico Nico Douga.

2011-11-01 12.39.27

Got lunch at a Omelet Rice place on the 5th floor of Aqua City.


While I was eating, saw this guy outside, all dressed in Mariners baseball outfit, with a bat too! Name on the back says Ichiro, he even looks like him… or was it him? Or someone cosplaying as him???

2011-11-01 13.02.01

Went next door to Sega Joypolis for some fun after lunch. Oh crazy Momokuro.

2011-11-01 13.15.32

Always wanted to try the life size Initial D arcade machines. So close to beating Takumi on my first try with the 86. Lost to Kouichi with the FD the 2nd round, damn you Version 4 speed penalties! Bunta’s GC8V was broken. Funny the staff people was telling me how to play the game, hahaha~

2011-11-01 13.35.35

Had some tiramisu crepe afterward to cheer myself up. LOL


Walked across to the Venus Fort / Toyota Mega Web / ZEPP TOKYO side.


Here’s the stage inside Venus Fort where S/mileage had their 1 year anniversary event.


Left Odaiba and headed to Akabanebashi. UpFront’s building was right across from the subway station. There were a few people having a meeting inside Pacific Heaven. As I was admiring the building, a girl ran thru the security check point and into the building. It happened so fast, I couldn’t tell who it was. Then I went off to Tokyo Tower, which is just around the corner.


PIZZA-LA for dinner?


Sure, why not~

Pink dot had Buono! playing non-stop on their little TV screen.


After filming their TV for 5minutes, I walked up to the counter and bought a box to take back to the hotel. (The girl behind the counter must of been thinking, “LAWD, JEZUZ, Not another disgusing wota.”)


Pink dot sells waffles, ice cream and coffee (FYI, if you haven’t watch any Buono! DVD magazines). Normally, there would be toppings on the waffles (for a fee of course), but as this was a take out, the girl said it’d have melted by the time I get home. So instead, I picked up some ice cream at 7-11 and added it on to myself. oroboras and I shared 1 of the 4 pieces and that was enough to clog our arteries.


Finally found some Beano at a supermarket, it’s Yuuka’s favorite snack!

We got Kikka’s Hapi Rapi ~Sunrise~ release event tomorrow morning with Kurumi and Karin-sama! Then it’s off to Chiba in the afternoon/evening for 2 showing of Berryz and C-ute’s concert~