Monday, Oct 24th was a more relaxing day here. In the day time, oroboras and I headed to Shibuya to buy some pictures from the Hello! Project store in 109 men’s. Outside the store, the life-size? Kaitou Reinya sticker is still mounted on the wall. A sign is next to it that states “Let’s take a photograph with Reinya”

2011-10-24 17.02.31

This is the only thing around the store you’re allowed to photograph.

We bought our photos, and went to do more shopping until 5PM, where we headed to Shinjuku. Kikka’s Cheerfu11y movie is being shown this week in a few limited theaters this week, and we have tickets.

We chose to watch it at Shinjuku Cinem@rt because it’s convenient for us and Kikka and a few of her co-stars were there on the 22nd for a screening, so they might have left some messages to check out.

The theater is on the 6th and 7th floor of the building, and only has 2 screens. Cheerfu11y only has 1 showing per day, and we soon figured out why.

Exiting the elevator on 6th floor, we immediately is greeted by the box office. Here, we exchanged out pre-sale movie voucher for an actual ticket and received 2 bonus photos simply for showing up.


We picked a row in the middle for easy viewing.

2011-10-24 17.55.26

This was in the lobby. Kikka, Konatsu (UpUpGirls) and a few others signed it when they were here for the first day of screening.

As we waited around for the cinema doors to open, more people showed up, and they were all obvious looking wotas. Cheerfu11y is, after all, an idol movie. Then we were let in a little bit after the time stated on the ticket. Staff apologized for the delay. 1/4 of the place was filled, now we see why they only have one show per day. How do they even make money out of a movie only wotas will watch?

Not going to spoil the plot. The movie was not bad for an idol movie. Kikka’s acting is pretty good. I enjoyed it, but oroboras was asleep for most of it, lol.