On the night of Day 5 (Oct 22), I took an over night bus from Tokyo to Niigata. Got on the bus at 11:30PM, and arrived at Niigata station 6AM the next morning. The trip kills your body, sitting in a bus, trying to sleep, while you get woken up twice when the bus stops at service station for people to stretch out, get a drink, go to the toilet, smoke, whatever.

2011-10-22 22.45.06

So I arrived there just pass 6AM, and nothing was opened, except the train station. Took this chance to walk to the live house, Niigata LOTS, which is attached to the local radio station, FM Niigata. It’s a 15minute walk from the train station, to the place.

2011-10-23 06.41.01

I was first to arrive, and this is proof! Got there even before the staff!!! LOL Had to loiter around the area until around 10AM when staffs began setting up the goods tent.

Here’s a video of me walking around the goods display:

Soon after, we were allowed to buy goods, and I picked up the final day limited photos. There was still an hour before doors open for the first show. I went over to McDonald’s across the street, bought a drink, and sat there for 45minutes. Went back just in time to line up to get in. I had ticket 84 for the first show, and managed to grab absolute center of the entire place. But the hall was so small, it only holds up 800 people, the same size as Shinjuku BLAZE, where I was at the day before, for Jewel Kiss.

Tickets weren’t sold out and local fans were able to grab the remaining tickets to get in. Female fans had a whole section on the far left blocked off just for them. Behind them, were the kids and people with disability section. There was one Yuuka fan on a wheel chair who was in that area.

After standing around for half an hour, the show started with S/mileage singing Tachiagaru. It’s been a year since I saw them live, and they’re just as good, if not better. The 4 new members were very good as well, but they have a long way to go.

60% of the fans were Yuuka supporters, then the rest were for Ayacho and Nyon-sama. Kananan and Rinapu both had 1 fan orz, while Meimei had 2 very annoying fans. Take-chan had about 5. Out of 800 people there, that’s a pretty horrible ratio. The new members are either not taken well by the fans yet, or because this was in Niigata, way in the country side of Japan, only the hardcore fans bothered to show up, even thought it’s a final.

After the show, S/mileage members line up randomly outside the exit, in the lobby, and all the fans gets to handshake them as we walk out of the building.

Meimei was first in line. I heard from oroboras, who went to their show in Osaka the week before, that Meimei is awesome at giving handshakes, so awesome that she doesn’t let go of your hands. I was expecting it to be a good handshake with her. “Nice to meet you!” in English, I said to her. “OH!!!!”, a surprised Meimei replied, “Thank you!” Her English is so cute.

Take-chan was next, I tried to do the same, but not much reaction, oh well XD I bet she probably didn’t understood what I said. She thanked me anyways.

On to Nyon-sama next. I remember she’s one of the better English speakers in all of H!P, so I know it’s gonna be good. “Long time no see, Cinderella!”, Nyon-sama’s face lit up. “OHHHH~ Yes! Long time no see!” LOL, so win.

Then to Ayacho. “Long time no see!” I said. Ayacho froze, stared at me and said, “EH?!” She didn’t get it, but her face was priceless haha. I told her, “Eigo da yo! (That’s English)” . She looked confused, as I got pushed away by the staff behind me. Mission accomplished? LOL

Yuuka next. Same line as the other two before. She understood, but couldn’t think fast enough to reply me, typical Yuuka =P It was ok, she smiled very brightly to make up for it.

Had to then rush through Rinapu and Kananan, as I was holding up the line. I only said Baibai to them, but man Kananan is so tiny and cute in person. She just look horrible in pictures.

Went across the street to a super market to buy this afterward:

2011-10-23 17.24.07

Gari Gari Kun!!!

I had ShuwaShuwaPon flavor after the first show, and Grape flavor after the second. Popsicle after a concert + a drink really cools you down and get your voice back, for more yelling!

For the second show, I had ticket 99, and got a spot on the far left right on the divider to the female section. Couldn’t jump up much as it was so packed in that area.

Handshake again after the show. The girls were in different order as the first show. Meimei was awesome again, she really likes meeting with fans, or is trying to get more people to like her, and tries really hard. Ayacho, Take-chan, Rinapuu didn’t leave a big impression for me. Kananan was again super cute! Yuuka was awesome, without a doubt, and I’m not telling you what I said to her XD. Nyon-sama, I told her this time, “We meet again!!!”. She remembers me from the first time and again replied in English, “OH YES! We meet again, thank you!”. This girl is just full of win XD

Third show, I got ticket 44, managed to get direct center, 3rd row. Had a very clear view of the legs…..I mean stage XD Yuuka’s tummy is so small…wait, why am I telling you this! For this last show, it’s the final of the final, so we got an extra song as the end, which was Boogie Train’11.

I said good night to all of them for the handshake and made my way back to the train station to wait for my over night bus back to Tokyo.

2011-10-23 06.09.02