Haven’t been able to blog for the last 2 days, was out of town! So here’s what happened.

Day 5, I went with oroboras and Maoh-san to check out a live show of Jewel Kiss, they’re an indies idol group from Hokkaido. You might be thinking why I’d go watch such a group. Apparently, their producer, Encho-san, is a famous former idol wota who invented MIX (or what I was told anyways, no idea how much truth is in that). So naturally, fans do MIX for almost every one of their songs. Just to clarify, this is completely different from AKB48, even though MIX is used in a lot of AKB songs. For Jewel Kiss, fans yell MIX like they mean it, not recite it out like a bunch of drones at AKB shows. Jewel Kiss fans are also made up mostly of former fans of other idol groups, such as C-ute and Momoiro Clover. The reason Jewel Kiss attracts these fans are, how much they encourage doing full on wotagei at shows and how they’re actual idols you can meet, not like AKB who claims to still be of such.

2011-10-22 12.41.27

There were two shows that day, the other one is Dorothy Little Happy, who ever they are. Ticket was 2000yen, and a mandatory over priced drink for 500yen.

We went inside to claim our tickets and took a look at the goods table. There were members photos, CDs, towels but no T-shirt this time. After that, we had to go back outside to line up in order of our tickets to get in. Everything was on time and we were let in to the live house. No one used the coin lockers and everyone just put their bags along the side of the wall or railing.

The show was recorded and uploaded to Ustream by Encho-san, you can watch it here if you’re interested: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/18035369

Had lots of fun at this show. We were even able to get a double encore. There was a surprise at the end. After the show was over and the lights were turned back on, everyone packed up and started walking out the door. Maoh-san took this chance to introduce oroboras and myself to Encho-san, who was very delighted to see foreigners at the show to support her girls. As we began to chat, Jewel Kiss suddenly came back on stage! Fans who were left hanging around, rushed to the front of the stage. The girls thanked us again for showing up and hope we’ll continue to support them.

It was over for real this time, everyone moved out into the lobby, where the goods table was. We hang around chatting about the show, and no one wanted to leave. We asked around why no one was leaving. All the fans were hoping for the girls to come out, or walk pass. That didn’t happen, but something else did. The goods table was manned by a few of Jewel Kiss’ parents. They didn’t want to bring all the goods back with them to Hokkaido. So at the very end, all the individual member photos were placed on the table, free to take. We managed to grab quite a few, and fans were exchanging for ones they didn’t get. You’ll never see this at a major idol’s show!


Here are all the Jewel Kiss goods.

I headed back to the hotel afterward and packed for leaving to Niigata, to watch S/mileage’s Autumn house tour’s final. Since I’m cheap, lol, I choose to ride a five hour over night bus to and back, instead of the shinkansen, which is double the cost.