Uchoten LOVE release event in Higashi Betsuin Hall

Final comments from the 4 members

Fukuda: Well today is our last event as a 4… (cries) Today is our last event as a 4 girl group but I still can’t really believe it. I was hoping to make it to the end with nothing but smiles but… (cries) it’s very sad but we have new members joining and we’ll be working hard on Sakichi’s behalf so please continue to support us.

Ayacho: I still can’t really believe today is happening. I don’t really know what to think… But in any event, the 4 member Smileage ends today, and after today we start our second chapter of Smileage and we’ll work really hard to earn your support. Saki-chan may be graduating but I still hope she continues to work hard down her own path and as for us we’ll continue to work hard to become more well known. So please continue to support us.

Yuuka: Right so Saki-chan is graduating but it still really hasn’t sunk into us yet… But I hope Saki-chan is able to continue down her own path in life and I hope she studies really hard… because Saki-chan, you’re not really that bright you know (everyone laughs)…

[At this point Yuuka smacks herself in the cheek and sweat flies off the opposite direction and hits Ayacho. She’s like “Oh did that get you? Oh well”]

Anyway yeah I hope you continue to study hard, I’m not kidding, you better!

Sakichi: I will!
Yuuka: Lies! And I hope you will enjoy life so much you won’t think about wanting to rejoin Smileage. We’ll be working hard with the new members to make you want to rejoin though. And to all the fans who have said they loved the 4 girl Smileage, if you see us getting along with the new girls and it makes you sad, just remember that doesn’t mean we have forgotten the 4 girl Smileage (cries)… we won’t forget so… and we’ll be working hard as a new group, so please continue to support us as well as Saki-chan.

Sakichi: I don’t know what to say…
Yuuka: It’s your last, so say whatever!
Sakichi: Ahh I don’t know what to say… Um in the 7 years that we have been together…

[Sakichi says a few lines about each member with lots of crying inbetween, I’ll fill this in later when I get more time.]

Well since I joined Smileage we’ve done so many things… and I was really happy to have won the Japan Record newcomer award. I was also really happy to have been able to have our first live concert tour with the 4 of us. And well… (cries) I mean… since I made the decision to go down this path on my own, I’ll… um… so that I can say I’m glad I graduated… well ahh I don’t know what to say… How should I put this?

Yuuka: So that you won’t have any regrets later on?
Sakichi: Ah yes, so that I won’t have any regrets later on, I hope to start living life like a real person now. (Wotas all laugh) Thank you guys for all your support up til now. I really appreciate it.



Thoughts from sferris: I expected this final event to be full of tears and I was kind of surprised it wasn’t a massive flood. When watching Kanon, you could tell it hurt. She could barely get her words out and keep her thoughts coherent. Ayacho, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. She seemed way to positive for this situation, and while it may be her trying to play the “leader role”, to me it came off as if she doesn’t really care Sakichi is leaving. I think she spent more time talking about support the future Smileage than about Sakichi. Yuuka started off in the same way as Ayacho lightly joking about the situation but in the end she broke down. She had the most to say about Sakichi and had some substance to her words. I think Kanon may also have had something nice to say if she just stopped crying lol. Sakichi’s final statement was an interesting one. She fought really hard not to cry and even joked a bit with the other girls. I think she displayed the utmost professionalism in what it means to be an idol at this event. Staying true to the Smileage motto – Keep your smile! – she put on a smile for the fans til the very end.