If you are interested in both idols and video games, you probably have heard of AKB1/48: Idol to Koishitara, an idol dating-sim title sold over 330,000 copies in less than a month. Not too shabby for a Japan-only title, and it makes us wonder “why isn’t Hello!Project grabbing a slice of the video games market?” Let’s not consider Berryz Koubou’s cameo in Inazuma Eleven 3 last year, we haven’t really seen a H!P game since Space Venus starring Morning Musume in early 2001, and it was lame. Nonetheless, if they were to put a focus into video games, here is a wish-list of games that I would like to see featuring the Hello!Project license. We can all day-dream about how awesomely fun they would be since they will never happen.

Notice to UFA: I expect 10% profit kick-back if you decide to employ any of these million-dollars ideas. K thx.


Dance de Central

This has to be obvious. With Xbox360’s Dance Central being the best example in existence of how dancing games can take advantage of the full-motion Kinect gaming, a similar title with H!P songs would make sense. The simple choreography makes this an accessible game with friends. There isn’t much needed to create the game since the songs and dance routines are already designed. It would also be the perfect marketing tool for TV features or in-store demonstrations while spamming H!P music. 2 birds with 1 stone. BAM!

Excellent summer party game.


Smileage Smash Bros.

Don’t ask me how it would work. I’m just making a suggestion that It’d be freakin’ awesome if a Super Smash Bros. style game is made using H!P girls as characters. 4 players brawl mindlessly in an incomprehensible mess with items and super-moves traveling all over the stage. Watch Mano sucker-punches Gaki-san while Maasa hulk-smashes Nakki off the screen beyond infinity. How is that not epic fun? But exactly how to make the game happen, we’ll leave it for real designers to figure it out.

“Falcon… KANCHOU!”


Idol Crossing

If you have played an Animal Crossing games before, then likely you would understand the game’s addictive nature from item collecting. Give us a similar title where we exist in this village with the friendly neighbour H!P girls to just… live. Meanwhile, players constantly earn currency with the goal to collect thousands of in-game items (ex. photocards, music, costumes) of different rarity. With an online trading system, consistent catalogue update, perhaps even a micro-transaction system, this game will be the biggest time-sink since sleep.

“Must… buy… all…”


Co.no.mi.chi of Rage

Similar to the side-scrolling classic brawler Street of Rage, you control your girl of choice to wipe out clones of gangsta-wannabes and overweight meat-tanks downtown. Each girl would acquire a different move set and masters in unique style of combat. Team up with players to roll down the streets like true bosses and beat up evil minions with insane combos for massive damage. The concept is old-school, but total bad-ass. Also, excuse me on the lame title.




Just like any of the music-based games you enjoy in the arcades, you match inputs with the rhythm. However, instead of flicking keys or stepping on pads, you are doing OAD and Mawari. In reality, as long as the game is entertaining, people in the arcades will take initiative to learn all the songs just to master the game. Not only would the game gain tremendous support from wotas (me included) the moment it launches, it is another effective method to hook people into the music. This video should help you visualize the epicness to witness someone playing it in public. I will purchase a cabinet when it comes out.

Perfect ROMANSU combo.



Do any of the suggestions above exist on your wish-list too, or are there other games you think would be fantastic with the H!P license? Let me know at the comment section below.